5 tips for photo makeup

5 tips for photo makeup

5 tips for photo makeup

When thinking about a photo shoot, the wish is that the result is the same as that of models and celebrities. For this to happen, it is not only necessary to have a good photographer, but also that the makeup works in your favor. And some tricks even dispense with the requirement to be a super photogenic person.

the intention of a photo makeup it goes beyond making the person more beautiful. It works to bring out your strongest points, enhance with lighting and improve skin texture so that the image is as close to perfection.

The tips in this post can be transformative when it comes to making a beautiful makeup for the photo shoot. Follow up!

1. Take care of your eyes before applying foundation

Eye products guarantee residue-free results, like the eyelash mask or eye shadow, and help to highlight this area flawlessly. Knowing that the eyes communicate a lot of emotion in photos, it is interesting to outline the upper part of the eyes, in order to better define their shape.

Always use waterproof products in case you tear. And avoid using the products: exaggeration in the eyes can make the face look older. If the intention is to exaggerate, let it be last, in eyelash mask, it helps to define and open the look.

2. Bet on a lighter basis

The foundation should cover the face as necessary, as a very heavy product can transform the softness and make you look like a doll.

Also apply on the ears, so that they don’t appear highlighted and red in the photo. Ideally, the entire face should have a similar hue.

3. Bet on good use of blush

Blush is ideal for adding color, but also for defining the face. Even if the photos are in black and white, your application will make an important difference.

Always prefer a specific brush for use the blush. A good tip is to smile right at the time of application. You’ll identify the most prominent parts of the face β€” that’s where you should apply.

Tap the brush on the product and apply towards the ears. You can also rub a little blush on your nose.

4. Define the eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows bring remarkable results to your face, also serving to give more structure to the eyes.

In addition to the raised eyebrows, it is recommended to correct flaws with eyeshadow. You can use the pencil if you want to add volume in any region.

5. Choose the environment before setting the photo makeup style

If the backdrop design for the images is an outdoor environment, it is worth using products that bring more light to the photo makeup.

But, if the photos are taken in the studio or indoors, the skin must be less luminous. Prefer opaque eyeshadows and avoid using gloss. abuse of creamy lipstick or even from the matte.

THE photo makeup it also serves so that the use of image editing programs is reduced and even discarded in some photos. Exaggeration in editing, even, can bring very artificial results to photos. One more aspect that favors the choice of a professional who knows very well what he is doing.

By following these tips from photo makeup, errors in the results will be minimized and you will certainly feel much prettier.

What did you think of today’s tips? Leave your comment here!

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