Tips on making children’s makeup for Halloween

Tips on making children's makeup for Halloween

Tips on making children’s makeup for Halloween

The 31st of October is celebrated Halloween, one of the most traditional dates in North American culture. With an amusing vibe, the Halloween party has become fashionable in Brazil and has not stopped gaining adherents.

One of the main features of this day is, without a doubt, a well-done make-up. There are countless possibilities, but the most important thing is to know that you don’t need to spend a lot to rock. “The market offers very nice and cheap alternatives. Today, anyone can do makeup for Halloween using their creativity”, says Isabelle Freitas, makeup artist at the children’s modeling agency Max Fama.

“Halloween makeup has its own characteristics, with strong colors. You can abuse black, burgundy, purple and red, there’s no mistake. Face paint can also be used. She has no restrictions for children and the result is beautiful”, he concludes.

To help those who are still undecided on what makeup to do to celebrate Halloween, the children’s modeling agency has prepared the skull makeup step by step for you to rock. Check out!

Step by step:

  1. With the skin sanitized and hydrated, start the camouflage process using a base that is a shade lighter than the skin and seal with the white translucent powder.
  2. With a brown pencil mark where you want to highlight your skull.
  3. With the help of a finer brush, reinforce the markings using a black face paint.
  4. Use a purplish brown eyeshadow to blend over the markings with a blender brush and highlight the bench in the tooth areas of your skull.
  5. Finish your child’s skull with a purple eye shadow to deepen and simulate dark circles on the face.


  • Model: Max Fama child modeling agency
  • Makeup: Isabelle Freitas
  • Photographer: Haln Junior / YBrasil Group
  • Executive Production: Paulo Henrique Albuquerque / YBrasil Group
  • General Coordination: Felipe Monteiro

Editor-in-chief of the Maranhão Hoje Magazine and website. Partner-owner of Class Mídia – Marketing and Communication

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