Makeup Tip for the Night

Makeup Tip for the Night

Today the post will be dedicated to readers in love with makeup. Let’s give you tips on how to put on makeup for that evening event. Maybe you prefer heavier eyes and a more natural mouth, or leave your eyes simple and perfect your lipstick…It doesn’t matter, Cliquefarma shows you how to be daring in your choice of ideal products in makeup for the night and attract all eyes to you whatever the event! Check out!

How to make an evening makeup to perfection?

It is true that, the makeup for the night is more loaded. And because of that, you can perfect the contours, dark eyeshadows, strong lipstick and marked outline. But if you do all of this at once, you run the risk of getting heavy in your hand and getting over the top. That perfect make up for parties and parties requires balance and dedication. That’s why we’ve separated great tips for you to keep an eye on.

Pre-care in makeup for the night

  • Wash your face carefully with a mild soap.
  • Use a good facial tonic to tighten pores and remove oil.
  • Moisturize your skin with a sunscreen, moisturizing lotion or gel.
  • To close, spread a primer that will help to fix the products.

prepare the skin

Now the real work begins. THE skin preparation it is essential to get a good result. After all, it will serve as a backdrop and needs to look like silk. For this you will apply the products in the following order:

  1. base
  2. Liquid Paper
  3. Compact powder (if you like)
  4. contour powder
  5. Illuminator
  6. Blush

The design you will make of your skin with the help of the highlighter and contouring powder will highlight your strengths and mask imperfections. Therefore, it is very important to know the correct areas in which to apply each product.

Highlight for the eyes

Now you go to the most difficult part and also the one that will show your work the most: the eyes. If you are going to use a strong or very glossy lipstick, you can even mark the eye line well, but take your eyeshadows lightly and opt for discreet and lackluster tones. So the final result will be balanced.

If you are going to use a light or matte lipstick, very opaque, or just gloss, can mix several shades of eyeshadow and abuse the shine. Remember that dark tones are only on the mobile eyelid. In the concave you can apply brown and beige tones – just to blend. And on the eyelid below the eyebrows go with light and illuminating colors.

Reinforce the outline after applying the eyeshadow and finish with a good mascara to eyelashes, applying several times until they are well designed. If the event is fancy, like a wedding or graduation, you can also invest in false eyelashes.

The final touch is on account of the illuminator that you apply discreetly in the corners of the eyes and just below the eyebrows.

Highlight for the mouth

If your choice is to make that wonderful mouth, remember to take it easy on the colors of the eyeshadows From the eyes. The initial tip is: beat a little powder on your lips before applying the pencil and lipstick. It will help hold the color longer.

Then use the pencil to draw the lip contour in a darker shade than the color of your lipstick. Then spread the lipstick well and finish with illuminator above the lips, just in the region below the nose.

Don’t forget to always carry your lipstick in your bag to touch up after eating, drinking or even talking a lot!

Preparing the skin in makeup for the night: check out the step by step

O secret of any makeup amazing is a well-groomed skin. You can be sure of that! It is at this stage that you can define your features well, highlight key points of the face and minimize imperfections. Follow all the step by step to achieve a silky skin and make your makeup perfect!

Step 1

Preparation – start by sanitizing the skin well with a neutral soap, then apply a good thermal water to moisturize and sunscreen. To start your makeup base, use a good primer that will make the skin even and close the pores.

Step 2

Standardization – now you should even out the skin, spreading a base on your face color and applying a concealer, also in the tone of your skin, in the area of ​​the eyes, pimples and blemishes. So your skin will be like a canvas, ready to gain contours and shadows.

Step 3

Contour – use a bronzing powder or a darker foundation to contour the face. Mark the forehead, cheek, nose and jaw, as well as the lower lip and neck area. In the eyes you can leave to do with the eyeshadow. Spread well with brush or fingers.

Step 4

Light up – use a illuminator or a light shadow and glossy and spread with the help of a brush at key points. In the eyes you can do it later, when applying the eyeshadow. The important thing is to emphasize the trunk of the nose, the cheekbones, chin and central area of ​​the forehead.

Step 5

Mark the nose – if you want to make the nose well-shaped and thinner, reinforce its design with a shade a little darker than your skin. But be careful not to overdo it. The effect should be discreet, so it blends well.

Step 6

Color your face – finish off the skin makeup with a good blush. It can shift to rosé if your skin is fair, to a peach or golden hue if you’re dark, and a nice bronze for black-skinned women. The result will be a well-defined, luminous and smooth skin!

Done. Now you are ready to make up eyes and mouth and finish your makeup!

What if I want a simple makeup?

Make a simple and effective makeup, even at night, it’s not necessarily an easy thing. You need to know exactly which products to use to get one. natural and illuminated result in a short time and with few products. Let’s give you the main tips to combine perfection with simplicity.

Simple evening makeup – a peach skin

The best way to even out the skin quickly and practically is to bet on the concealer + bronzer double.

First, you must cover up all imperfections with concealer and then apply it to some strategic places to lighten the face. Then, come with the bronzer to mark the design of your cheekbone, create shadows and harmony.

If you have a little more time, combine the corrective with a illuminator for the inner eye area, trunk of the nose and cheekbones. It will help give a light shine that will make all the difference for those looking for a more glamorous make up.

You can use different brushes for applying makeup, or rub the products on your skin with your fingers.

Simple evening makeup – expressive eyes in just a few steps

If you are looking for objectivity at the time of make up eyes, have a creamy eyeshadow always with you. A duo, then, with a lighter color and a darker one, will be the perfect wild card!

Apply with your fingertips the darkest color on the mobile eyelid and come with the lighter color over the inside and closer to the eyebrows. The illuminator mentioned in the skin preparation will make the final effect well glued to the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes.

Finally, a good mascara that you can apply at least twice to make it very thick. Ready! That alone will be enough to leave your very expressive eyes.

If you have a little extra time, use a pencil to correct imperfections in your eyebrows. You can be sure it will make a difference in the final result of the face frame.

Simple makeup for the night – wonderful mouth in a few steps

You have three good options to finish off your makeup for the night with a wonderful mouth:

  1. Use a matte lipstick that will contrast well with the creaminess you applied to your eyes;
  2. invest in a creamy lipstick to harmonize with the rest of the makeup; or
  3. Fearlessly fall into creamy lip gloss if you’re looking for a less dramatic look.

It will all depend on your time, state of mind and the type of event you go to.

If you are looking for a more refined mouth, prepare your lips with a little concealer to perfect the adherence of the products and make a outline with a pencil mouth a darker shade of the lipstick you intend to use.

How can I use red lipstick on my makeup for the night?

If you want to rock your event without weighing too much in the eyes, but intend to wear a beautiful red lipstick, we also have some amazing tips. Follow up!

He is loved by some and hated by others. The fact is that every woman has tried a Red lipstick ever to feel more powerful. But do you know exactly how to use it when composing with the rest of the makeup and according to different events?

You can do classic and beautiful makeup with the red lipstick. But using such a powerful color, you need to balance the tones so as not to be overdone. The fact is, rouge lip tone can be used day, night, for chic or casual events. The important thing is to know how to harmonize and we’ll show you how!

Red lipstick for informal evening events

In this case, when the occasion is a dinner, a movie theater or a bar with friends, it’s already possible to put on a little more makeup.

Because it is at night, the red can be darker and you can roll a light shadow, just in the concave, or even a delineated line in the eyes. The important thing is to have a very fine line so as not to leave the eye scarred.

Red lipstick for formal evening events

Then you can play! If the party is going to invade the night, prepare the skin carefully, investing in contrasts, make a good eyeliner, use a more pigmented blush and can abuse the dark red lipstick.

Still, it’s worth staying in the most basic colors in the eyeshadows so as not to carry too much on the look. See how simple it is? Just balance the strength of the red with the rest of the make to not weigh on the final result.

red lipstick for everyday

Yes! can you use red lipstick for work, lunch with friends or a trip to the mall. For this, the ideal is to use a more open tone, almost orange and leave the eyes very natural. At most, with a mascara. Also take it easy on blush.

If you insist, opt for a peach, rosé color. Nothing too loaded. In that case, less is more.

Red lipstick for day parties

If the occasion is a daytime wedding or a graduation, you can work on your skin a little more, investing in a beautiful illuminator to highlight your strengths and a contour powder to mark the shape of your face.

The eyeshadow can be worked further, with a slight smoky. A little sparkle in the eyes is welcome, but sparingly.

Tips to recover dry mascara

We women are always very careful with our makeup. And we are especially fond of those products that look perfect on our skin, don’t we?

We want, and must, use the packaging all the way to enjoy every drop of makeup that makes us prettier, of course! But sometimes we are surprised with products that are brittle or dry in a short time.

If your favorite mascara is dry and you don’t know what to do to get it back, we have some foolproof tricks to help you achieve the desired texture and restore your makeup. Check out!

regular mascara

For common mascaras, which do not feature waterproof formulas, the best solution is to use saline solution. To regain the light and smooth texture, just add 2 to 6 drops of saline or eye drops. Close the product and stir the package until the liquid and mascara fully merge.

waterproof mascara

Unlike regular mascaras, which melt easily with water, waterproof mascara needs a few drops of mineral oil to soften the product and regain its initial consistency. After inserting the drops…

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