+20 Costumes for improvised men’s halloween

+20 Costumes for improvised men's halloween

+20 Costumes for improvised men’s halloween

Halloween is coming and you don’t know what costume to wear? So meet a selection with 20 men’s halloween costumes. These ideas are creative, easy to make and are on top of the hottest trends at the moment.

After we indicate some suggestions for female halloween costumes, it’s time to suggest themed looks for men. The date is perfect for valuing horror characters such as vampires, zombies and wizards. But it is also possible to innovate the look, looking for ideas in cinema, in favorite series, in politics and even in the digital world.

Halloween costumes for men

With a little creativity and cultural repertoire, you can make an original and inexpensive Halloween costume. Check out some ideas:

1 – Lucas of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s big hits. The series tells the story of a group of teenagers from the 80s, who have to deal with several mysteries in a small town in the USA. Lucas’ character look can inspire your Halloween costume, as shown in the image below. You’ll just need to stop by the thrift store.

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2 – Donald Trump

To become the President of the United States for a day, you will need a suit, tie, jacket and blonde wig. And don’t forget to perfect the orange tan on your face.

3 – Emojis

even the whatsapp emojis can inspire your halloween fantasy. Choose a figure that suits your personality and try to reproduce it with great creativity.

4 – Wild

One of Batman’s biggest enemies is always present at halloween parties. to dress up as wildcard, try dyeing your hair green, make your skin very white and make deep dark circles on your face. To highlight the character’s macabre smile, smear burgundy lipstick on your lips.

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5 – Jack Skellington

Have you ever watched Tim Burton’s “Weird World of Jack”? Well, know that the protagonist of this movie can inspire an easy-to-make fantasy. All you need to do is buy a cheap black suit and do your best at skeleton makeup.

6 – Harry Potter

The most beloved little wizard in cinema can also yield a Halloween costume. To assemble the look, provide a Gryffindor-colored scarf, a wand, and round-rimmed glasses.

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7 – Ash

Did Pokémon mark your childhood? So it’s worth dressing up as Ash Ketchum. Jeans, white t-shirt, vest and cap in red and white make up the character’s look. Ah! Another cool idea is to dress your dog as Pikachu.

8 – Toy soldier

The plastic soldiers, which were so successful in the 80s and 90s, are the inspiration for a super creative men’s Halloween costume.

9 – Indiana Jones

Hat, whip and shoulder bag are items that cannot be missing from the look inspired by the figure of the adventurous traveler.

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10 – Lumberjack

Growing a beard is a trend among men. If you got into this fashion, take the opportunity to create a lumberjack costume. Just provide a plaid blouse, suspenders and axe.

11 – Marty McFly

The nostalgics on duty will love the idea of ​​copying the Marty McFly look, the protagonist of the movie “Back to the Future”. The orange vest, the 1980s jeans and Nike sneakers are elements that cannot be missing from this costume.

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12 – Van Gogh

The figure of the Dutch painter, as well as his work, can inspire the Halloween look. Be creative, just like the photo below.

13 – Where is Wally?

Wally, a character in a series of children’s books, is quite easy to portray through a fantasy. The look calls for only a striped shirt, red cap and glasses with round rims.

14 – Gomez Adams

To assume the role of the patriarch of the Adams familyAll you need to do is rent a pinstripe tuxedo, comb your hair back and grow a thin mustache over your lips.

15 – Danny Zuko

the character of John Travolta in Grease tore off sighs of many women in the late 70s. How about remembering this icon through your Halloween costume? T-shirt, leather jacket and topknot are essential to Danny Zuko’s look.

16 – The Son of Man

Even works of art inspire fantasies for men’s halloween, as is the case with the painting “Son of Man”, by René Magritte. The surrealist painting depicts a man wearing a bowler hat, with a green apple in front of his face.

17 – Rent Dogs

Do you have a black suit and sunglasses? Wonder. It won’t take more than that to get in the mood for this 1992 movie.

18 – Forrest Gump

Left to assemble the last minute halloween costume? Then go from Forrest Gump. The costume only asks for khaki pants, a short-sleeved plaid shirt, white sneakers and a red cap.

19 – Top Gun

Another simple costume to assemble is the Top Gun, Tom Cruise’s movie character. The basic items of the look are bomber jacket, jeans, aviator sunglasses, white t-shirt and military-style boots.

20 – Error

When a page on the internet goes down, the Error 404 appears. How about having the message “fantasy not found” stamped on a white t-shirt and use it for halloween? It’s a different and fun idea.

What did you think of the men’s halloween costumes? Already have a favorite? Leave a comment. If you have other creative ideas in mind, comment too.

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