60 options for praise and thanks

Image shows christian caption

60 options for praise and thanks

Social media can be used to spread faith through inspiring images and positive captions. At gospel phrases for pictures they are options for those who want to strengthen ties with religiosity and spread trust in God and in Jesus. We’ve selected 60 options for you!

What to post on Evangelical Instagram?

You can use the text space to praise the upper strength. Reinforcing belief, spreading religious teachings, practicing gratitude and demonstrating motivation are all good things to do.

1 – Father, take care of my family and keep me wherever I go.

2 – Jesus showed us that love is the best answer in any situation.

3 – The word of the Lord is the food that the soul needs.

4 – β€œInstead of carrying the world on your shoulders, speak to the One who sustains the universe.” (Max Lucado)

5 – God is just a prayer away.

6 – Faith makes you believe in the incredible, see the invisible and do the impossible.

7 – The heart is lighter when God makes his home. πŸ’—

8 – May we never forget that God’s love is the center of everything. πŸ€

9 – Good morning to those who wait on the Lord and wait for his salvation.

10 – β€œWhen you wake up, when you breathe, when you see a new day break. I feel the constancy of your love. I feel the presence of your heat. I feel your hands enveloping me, oh! Sir.” (Winners for Christ)

Image shows christian caption

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11 – HE before all things.

12 – β€œEnter my house. Come into my life. It messes with my structure. Heals all wounds. Teach me to have holiness. I want to love only You. Because You are my greatest good. Work a miracle on me.” (Regis Danese)

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13 – The just will live by faith.

14 – β€œBlessed be the Lord, who daily carries our load.” (Psalm 68:19)

15 – β€œWhere will I go, my Lord? Your love attracts me.” (Fernandinho) πŸ’—

16 – My faith in the Lord moves mountains inside and outside.

17 – May nothing separate us from the love of God.

18 – β€œGreat things the Lord has done for us, so we are glad.” (Psalm 126:3) πŸ€

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19 – Renew a firm spirit within me, O God.

20 – My life belongs to God, and no one will change it.

21 – Harvesting myself in God’s timing.

22 – I prayed and soon my heart was filled with peace. πŸ’—

23 – I want around only that which brings me closer to God.

24 – Teach me to listen to Your silence, even when pain speaks loudly.

25 – Shine without fear! The light that illuminates you comes from above. ✨

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26 – I don’t count on luck, because I have God by my side. ✨

27 – I remain firm in God, because I know that He will honor my faith.

28 – Jesus is that peace that never goes away.

29 – I stopped being afraid when I understood the greatness of the one who supports me.

30 – I do not underestimate my ability to rebuild myself, because my strength comes from the Lord.

31 – Without Him there is no I. πŸ€

32 – Since she felt that God is her best companion, she was no longer afraid of being alone.

33 – May God always be my universe.

34 – May my faith be my foundation when I think about giving up.

35 – β€œProtect me as the apple of your eyes; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” (Psalm 17:8)

36 – I trust in him who writes my days.

37 – Don’t let your fears quench the shine of your faith in God.

38 – Your word is light for my path.

39 – You can fall, but God will lift you up.

40 – He loves me, only He brings me the peace I need. πŸ’—

41 – Smile! God watches you, watches you, guards you and takes care of you.

42 – Where does my strength come from? I usually call it God.

43 – Father, make me your garden, where evil is not born and sadness has no root.

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44 – Transform your fear into faith.

45 – There is only a miracle when there is gratitude.

46 – Sometimes, a simple conversation with God changes everything.

47 – β€œGod hides his most precious treasures in our most difficult and painful experiences.” (Joh Bloom)

48 – Expressing our faith, we connect with God.

49 – Faith is something that brings you closer from above.

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50 – I touch the sky when my knees touch the ground. πŸ€

51 – One thing I learned in life: God does not take things away from you, He frees you from them.

52 – β€œFaith does not necessarily mean that God will change your situation. Sometimes what it means is that it will change you.” (Steven Furtick)

53 – Right time is God’s time.

54 – In the end, you’ll thank you for every stumble to get here. God has a plan. Believe in Him.

55 – Leave all your fears in God’s hands and see your life become lighter.

56 – β€œBefore God does a great work through us, He will do a great work in us.” (John Wesley)

57 – I exchange my fears for the secrets of Your heart. πŸ’—

58 – β€œThe most important thing for God is what is in the heart.” (Samuel 16:7)

59 – God’s plans are always better than our dreams.

60 – God knows what he does: he knows what he takes and he knows what he brings. ✨

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