+100 day wedding guest dress templates!

Dress for wedding guest, blue with baby pink and nude

+100 day wedding guest dress templates!

If you have to choose one dress to go to a wedding during the day and wants to be a elegant guest and with an incredibly beautiful look, think that choosing one short party dress or light long party dress. There are thousands of possibilities for day wedding dresses: it can be in a striking or different color, or even a patterned model. What matters is choosing the model well, feeling more beautiful than ever. You can’t miss our selection of day wedding dress: perfect models for an elegant guest!

In this gallery we have selected party dresses from different brands and for all types of budget. Here, you will find stunning and eclectic party dresses.

What to wear to a wedding party?

First of all, when we are invited to a wedding, we need to pay attention to the timing of the wedding. The process for choosing a dress for a 6pm wedding is not the same as for a day wedding, either morning or afternoon.

Another important point is the use of shine in dresses. It is very common to find many guests who use and abuse the sparkles, regardless of the time of the event. This detail can often be crucial between a beautiful look and “over”. At a day wedding, the maxim “less is more” should serve as a guide for all guests. So, if you want to choose a model that has shine, always choose the one that is more discreet. Surely that way you won’t go wrong!

Check out beautiful models below for inspiration!

to saveDress for wedding guest, blue with baby pink and nude

Photo 1: Pronovias | Photo 2: Cris Barros

to saveWedding Guest Dress: Midi Fit Baby Blue and Rose in Lace

Photo 1: Asos | Photo 2: Rosa Clara

Short day wedding dress

A short party dress is always one of the bets not to go wrong in the costume, because the relaxation or the temperature of a day wedding are space for models that leave their legs out. Just be careful not to overdo the length, this can be crucial depending on the location of the ceremony, such as choosing a church wedding dress during the day.

to saveWedding guest dress: tea pink midi with flowers and green fitted midi

Credit: Reformation

Long dress for day wedding

The long party dress is a classic and works at any time. In the case of day wedding dresses, it is best to bet on models made from lighter and more laid-back fabrics. Prints and bright colors are welcome, especially in summer.

to saveDress for wedding guest: blue with pleated skirt and strapless top and pink dress with slit

Photo 1: Pronovias | Photo 2: Rosa Clara

Midi dress for day wedding

The midi dress is pure elegance and can be a sure bet for more sophisticated day weddings. Bet on a tube wedding dress or a midi dress for a loose day wedding.

to saveDress for wedding guest: mustard with blue embroidery and deep neckline and midi flower with ruffles

Photo 1: Cushnie | Photo 2: Boohoo

Country day wedding dress

In addition to analyzing the time of the event, it is also necessary to think about the location. A beach day wedding dress is different from the ideal look for a city day wedding.

The dress for a day wedding in a country house, in the woods or places in the middle of nature asks for dresses in a boho chic style, more loose and light, as well as the harmony of the place.

to saveDress for wedding guest: baby pink with flowing skirt and belt and midi with hydrangea flowers in shades of green and lilac

Photo 1: Rosa Clara | Photo 2: Dolce Gabbana

Civil day wedding dress

A big doubt of the guests always hangs over civil marriage, but the tips about lighter and more laid-back models are also useful in this case. We also suggest that you take into account the formality of the ceremony and opt for more social models and less “party”.

to saveWedding guest dress: white midi with black and pink flowers and long pink with pink and bow at the waist

Credit: Rosa Clara

What is the best color for a day wedding dress?

A day wedding calls for brighter colors for sure! But light tones, like some pastel shades can also be a good idea. Avoid dark shades like the black day wedding dress (best to avoid this shade at weddings). Important: Be very careful not to choose colors that look like white (live or in photos).

Check out some colors below that are sure bets for a beautiful and elegant look.

Blue dress for day wedding

blue party dresses, are a super elegant classic, and blue is the Pantone 2020 color. Invest in pastel shades of blue as well as classic blues.

to saveDress for wedding guest: navy blue mullet with transparent lap and midi all in baby blue lace

Photo 1: Rosa Clara | Photo 2: Self Portrait

Red dress for day wedding

O red party dress it’s also a classic. In the case of a red day wedding dress, opt for models without many accessories, such as embroidery and shine, so as not to leave the look “over”.

to saveWedding guest dress: flowing red long dress and red structured one-shoulder dress

Photo 1: Pronovias | Photo 2: Thornton Bregazzi

Printed day wedding dress

Another option is to choose a day wedding dress with prints. Remember: a print dress asks for discreet and minimal accessories.

to saveDress for wedding guest: print dresses with a background in shades of blue and flowers

Photo 1: Carla Ruiz | Photo 2: Luisa Beccaria

Can you wear black to the wedding?

If you are invited, no problem!
Some brides prefer that the bridesmaids and mothers not wear black at the altar, as it is considered a funeral color, but this “rule” has already fallen to the ground for some years in gringo weddings.

Check out our selection of short dresses, perfect for a day wedding, and choose yours!

+100 day wedding guest dress templates!

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+100 day wedding guest dress templates!

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