The 5 Best Women’s Wedding Dress Ideas!

women's wedding dress

The 5 Best Women’s Wedding Dress Ideas!

when we think of how to get the right party look for guests at a wedding, almost immediately the image of a dress comes to mind. And we forget that there is an option that, in addition to being fashionable, elegant and sophisticated, is also comfortable, feminine and sexy: wear pants and a shirt for the wedding party! Super original, women’s social clothing is perfect for weddings during the day or night, in addition to being great allies to lengthen the silhouette.

Since Yves Saint Lauren raised the female tuxedo a style icon, women from all over the world have made their trousers their inseparable companion. And in the current fashion scene, she conquers and invades the most coveted party closets, becoming the favorite to compose the out fit perfect for the most glamorous wedding guests.

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Have no doubts and be a guest different from the rest, use a look with social clothes at the wedding and smash! And to help you, we’ve prepared some amazing tips, on how and with what to match the pants to achieve a look that will fascinate everyone.

women's wedding dress

Women’s social clothing with the same print

In addition to the classic set in plain colors, which is also beautiful to be used by guests in a ceremony, a choice for contemporary, bold and self-assured women, it is wear the pants with a blouse, top or shirt with the same print. When combined create the effect of a overalls, which, in addition to favoring, brings a fresh brushstroke of sophistication.

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A cool styling trick is vary the print of the two pieces by one tone. The result, in addition to being innovative, gives a cool touch that should be combined with minimalist accessories. And so you don’t run out of ideas, we’ve selected 60 wonderful hair accessories to be the perfect wedding guest. Dare and use the chromatic palette to your advantage, creating an avant-garde and perfect look.

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Garcia Purification| Photo: Disclosure

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Photo: Mary Katrantzou

Women’s social clothing with asymmetrical cut

It is an irreverent and super modern option to accompany you to a wedding, you will surely be a great success! the duo asymmetric top with pants is one of the hits of the moment and has already conquered the trendsetters hippest. The asymmetry of the top with the shape game, leaves the look more airy and fresh, thus giving a twist to the classic pair of pants + shirt. What’s more, the models of this top style are chic and stylish.

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Garcia Purification | Photo: Disclosure

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Photo: Corporeum

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Garcia Purification | Photo: Disclosure

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Photo: Funky Camelias by Mimoki

Dress wear with a sweater style blouse

The women’s wedding dress look that matches pants with sweater style blouse is a super original mix that implies some advantages such as the convenience of wearing pants and the elegance of wearing a dress. The achieved effect is beautiful and modern, perfect for the most daring.

And to not run the risk of having a flattened silhouette, remember to wear high heels. Another tip is to choose the sweater-style blouse in a strapless model, this way the look will be more open and clean at the top and a delicate balance will be achieved.

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Photo: Balmain

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Photo: Matilde Cano

A guest suit and tuxedo, the height of tailoring

Fashion inspiration in the male universe is on the rise. Powerful, sensual and elegant, the suits and tuxedos are a chic alternative to women’s formal wear for weddings., besides being perfect for dressing women with strong and audacious personality. From its most classic version to the most current, always in super feminine cuts.

For the less daring, the more classic plain-colored models are timeless and can be used without fear. And for fashionistas, the focus of the moment is printed sets, especially those with 50’s inspiration. Sophisticated and sexy looks inspired by the world of men is the key for you to triumph as a wedding guest.

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Photo: Antonio Berardi by

The power of the high waist

Despite looks with pantaloon pants Be the darlings when we talk about wedding dresses, both in their long and short versions, other models such as high-waisted and pleated styles are also super fashionable and can be used to create a beautiful, up-to-date and refined styling. In vaporous or more structured fabrics, pants can be combined with blouses, tops, shirts, blazers, the options are almost endless. They are easy to use and success is guaranteed!

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And for your look to be perfect, don’t hesitate to complete it with ideal accessories, such as belts, bands and a clutch. Don’t be afraid and be creative, complement your look with a unique and beautiful touch. Furthermore, for daytime weddings, bet on a charming cap or hat, which will be a blast with pants. And if the pattern at the top of the set is plain and low-cut, wear a maxi-size necklace or earrings. You will cause a sensation wherever you go!

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