Top 5 Best Imported Clothing Sites

Top 5 Best Imported Clothing Sites

Find out in this post which are the best imported clothing sites in Brazil and make your purchase safely and quickly. And, of course, ensuring a great relationship withuse x quality.

Brazilians definitely love products from famous brands, especially imported clothes, and the biggest proof of this is that this is one of the most sold products on the internet.

The problem is that the best imported clothing brands have very high prices, and the worst quoted in dollars. But the fact is that sales of this type of luxury clothing is only increasing and for a long time this sector has not known what a crisis is, after all, everyone wants to wear fashionable clothes.

In fact, buying imported clothes over the internet is much cheaper, as we have access to thousands of stores, selling clothes of different brands and models and competing with each other. For those who are more willing, you can even import directly from China, see this example!

What are the best imported clothing sites from Brazil?

In general, the biggest concern of consumers is with the reliability and security of online stores, ie, people want to be sure that they receive the products and that they are exactly as described.

That’s why we chose online stores that have been on the market for several years and we also take into account the rates of Complain here as a basis for this list, which is one of the main tools for assessing the reliability of stores and services. Check out the list of the best imported clothing sites:

1. Shop2gether


One of the best and best known brand clothing stores on the Brazilian internet, it sells several pieces by national and international brands such as Billabong, Element, Hang Loose, Hocks, Onbongo, O’neill, Pretorian, Ride Skateboard, Volcom, Von Dutch, Adidas , Calvin Klein, DC Shoes, Hurley, New Era, Nike SB, Oakley, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Armani Exchange, Forum, Sumemo, Tommy Hilfiger… and more

2. Zattini


In this store you can find women’s and men’s clothing from some international brands. Zattini belongs to the same group as Netshoes, offers more than 28 thousand products from 280 brands, including shoes, apparel and accessories, from cheap Outlet clothes to imported clothes.

Top brands: Tommy Hilfinger, Lacoste, Kalvin Klein…

3. OffPremium


One of the best and best known clothing stores on the Brazilian internet, it sells several pieces from national and international brands such as Animale, Armani Jeans, Bobo, Cori, Farm and much more

4. Dafitti


One of the most traditional clothing stores, it has a strong reputation with the female audience. In addition to Women’s Fashion, the store has several categories.

Main brands: Calvin Klein, Forum, Aleatory, Lance Perfume, Ellus, Desigual, Carmine…

5. Farfetch


Wide range of imported clothes from famous brands, 500 brands and more than 25,000 products, new releases and all the latest trends of the season, for both women and men.

Main brands: Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Tod’s, Fendi, Givenchy, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Jeans, Saint Laurent…

What is the advantage of buying imported clothes online?

Evidently, buying over the internet has its great advantages, such as the convenience of receiving your products at home. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find a website for cheap imported clothes on the internet. It is also undeniable that it is much easier to compare prices and consequently do a much better deal than in physical stores.

Another well-known advantage is that online stores do not have all that cost involved in keeping a physical store open and therefore the prices are much more attractive. In Brazil there are websites for imported women’s, men’s, children’s clothes…

In the case of imported clothes, for those who do not give up the quality they offer, the offer on the internet is immense. When thinking about buying original imported clothes, it is really worth resorting to these trustworthy websites that offer great products for a much more affordable price.

Did you like the list of imported clothing sites?

This was our post with imported clothing sites sold right here in Brazil… if you liked the list of online stores, take the opportunity to make your purchases easily and securely, in any of these options.

If you know of any other good imported clothing site in Brazil and it hasn’t joined our list, leave it in the comments, as we are always updating the post and including new online stores.

If you have already shopped at one of the stores listed above, please leave comments about your experience so that we can help more and more people to do a good deal shopping online!

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