100 Tags Custom Labels Clothing and Products on Elo7

100 Tags Etiquetas Personalizadas Roupas e Produtos

100 Tags Custom Labels Clothing and Products on Elo7

— Please read the entire ad! —

– Measurements: 5x9cm;
– Colored front and back;
– Material: Couché 250g;
– Does not include string or nylon;
– Central drilling, left or right;
– Hole measurement: 5mm;
– We also have round models, request a quote;

– We develop your sticker, flyer, folder, fridge magnet, brochure, business card and several other personalized products to promote and leverage your business;

– After purchase, we will contact you to arrange the production of the art.

– Artwork can be submitted or combined in the following ways:

1 – We set up the art for you, free of charge:
Send us your logo and let us know how you would like the artwork, so we can set up examples. (In detail: Color you would like, phrases, fields, contacts, etc.) Thus, we will create examples in digital form that will be sent for your analysis;

2 – Already have an art?
You send us the finished artwork. It can be in parts, complete, in pdf, corel, AI, EPS or images in general with print quality (png, jpeg, gif…). An example will also be made digitally and sent for final analysis;

***We do not create logos. If not, we can assemble the art without a logo, using your business name in texts.***

”’- We create the artwork for example within 2 business days;”’

– We send the examples. If you don’t approve or want to change, edit or add something, no problem. Let’s adjust until it is as you want;

– Delivery time varies by region. We will do everything to follow up on your order and deliver a GREAT PRODUCT IN A TIMELY WAY!

– Feel free to ask questions and clear up your doubts. We are always available;

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1* We do not create logos. If not, we can assemble the artwork without a logo, using the name of your business in texts.*** (After purchasing, we can wait, if you make a logo with a designer or create it on a website or APP). 2** Prints may vary in intensity and color tone: in relation to the monitor or screens, in relation to reprints, or within the same batch. 3*** Likewise, in all materials there will be a tolerance limit of 3mm (three millimeters) of maximum variation in the cuts, centering or folds of the finished product. (Arts with frames or borders can visually highlight these possible differences in tolerance).

Refund, Exchange and Return Policies

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