The best places to shop with the family in Florian贸polis

The best places to shop with the family in Florian贸polis

The best places to shop with the family in Florian贸polis

what floripa has beautiful beaches, great restaurants and amazing trails you already know, don’t you? But in addition to sightseeing tours, have you already checked out a route to explore the city’s commerce? There are options ranging from party favors for friends to craft items to decorate the house. Now, in order to make good choices, it is essential to know the best points of commerce. And that is the objective of our st: to indicate the most important addresses for shopping in Florian贸polis with the family. Next, you will find out which are the best malls and commercial centers in the capital of Santa Catarina.

Public market

One of the best places to shop in Florian贸polis is the Public Market. Located in the city center, it draws the attention of visitors for its architecture and diversity of products. There are toy boxes, clothes, shoes and options for bars and restaurants. Those who pass by can appreciate the traditional handicrafts of Florianopolis, such as bobbin lace, which arrived with the settlers of the island from Azoreans. You should even watch the artisans making the pieces.

Rua Conselheiro Mafra

Want an address to find a little bit of everything? Then go straight to Rua Conselheiro Mafra, in the center of the capital. At approximately a kilometer long, this road has anything you need. There are clothes, shoes, household items, fabrics, sweets, toys, accessories and much more. There are also shoemakers and repair services for different items. However, it is noteworthy that the movement of people around the place is intense, especially on Saturdays.

Customs House

If you like handicrafts, don’t miss the Casa da Alf芒ndega, located on Rua Conselheiro Mafra. It houses around 400 artisans from different regions of Santa Catarina. There is a wide variety of styles and techniques, demonstrating the plurality of vocations in the state. Other than that, all the pieces offered in the space have the quality seal of the Funda莽茫o Catarinense de Cultura. It’s a good address to buy party favors.

Tailor’s Fair

Among the options for shopping at a Florianopolis it shouldn’t lack an outdoor attraction. In this case, the tip is the Feira das Alfaias, located in Santo Ant么nio de Lisboa, amidst the Azorean ruins, which makes the tour more interesting. At the fair’s stalls, you can buy ceramics, lace and paintings, among other craft items in the city. At the end of the day, the tip is to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the region.

Shopping Iguatemi

Shopping at a mall is a practical and comfortable option. In Florian贸polis there are good options, such as Iguatemi, located close to the central region. The shopping center has more than 300 stores, divided into different segments, such as fashion, beauty, home items and toys. In addition, the establishment has movie theaters, a large food court and services such as a gym, hairdresser and pet shop.

Beiramar Shopping

Shopping at a seaside mall, downtown Florian贸polis , it’s possible? Yes! With more than 200 establishments, Beiramar offers customers a wide variety of stores, different food options, cinema and gym, among other services. In addition, events are common throughout the year, such as concerts, theaters and parades. In other words, it is a great shopping and entertainment center!

Jurer锚 Open Shopping

On the charming beach of Jurer锚 Internacional, an important commercial center should not be missing. With an open-air shopping concept, Jurer锚 Open brings together elegant stores in its streets, gastronomic options and activities for children. Visitors can also follow the schedule of several beach clubs, with good live music, such as the Jurer锚 Jazz Festival.

Floripa Shopping

Floripa Shopping is a commercial center with a complete mix of stores and also many gastronomy and leisure options. Its modern architecture favors natural light and offers lounges for greater customer comfort. The mall has a good location: the SC-401 Highway, which connects the center to the north. In other words: it is in the way of those who go to beaches like Jurer锚 Internacional, English and Santinho.

Summer Fair 鈥 Ilha Shopping

Those who are going to spend the hottest season of the year in Florianopolis should not miss the Summer Fair, at Ilha Shopping, on the SC-401 highway (km 18). There are more than 250 booths offering a wide variety of products, such as clothes, bags, shoes, decoration, etc. Other than that, there is an exhibition and sale of handicraft items by local artists. And, for no one to go hungry, a food court with pastries, Japanese food, pizza, among other options. Did you like these options for shopping in Florian贸polis? So, take the opportunity to share our tips on your social networks!

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