Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup Tips

Completing graduation and the school cycle are important achievements that deserve to be celebrated in style. If you fall into one of these two situations, or, who knows, you were invited to honor someone special who is going to graduate, Catharine Hill has created two tutorials for makeup for graduation that will make this moment even more unforgettable.

Although it is not the most common, some trainees choose to hold the course closing ceremony during the day with all the glamor that the occasion calls for. In addition, many groups hold more than one event and at different times, such as the farewell celebration, masses, graduation ceremony and, finally, the ball.

Catharine Hill always has a solution when it comes to making you even more beautiful, whether in the morning or at night. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide with the best tips for you to rock makeup for graduation regardless of time and place. Write down the tricks!

Makeup for graduation according to schedule of the day

After long years of effort and dedication, the time has finally come to shine and celebrate the new achievement. At this point, great care is needed not to make a mistake in the tone of the production. We have separated some tips for your makeup for graduation to look stunning. Look that:

Makeup for graduation during the day

Even if the situation is special, during the day it is best to bet on skin care products that provide medium coverage and sun protection. It’s that very heavy bases and high coverage make the look heavy for the day, running away from the style fresh that we want so much on time. What’s more, your complexion needs to breathe freely.

Glitter is allowed in the eyes, but avoid dark, heavy colors. Lighter tones, such as salmon and nude rosรฉ, open and brighten the look. If you want a little color, fade cheerful shades from the outside of your eyelids, like cherry and pumpkin, for example.

Lipstick can be more sober, and brown, purple and red classic are excellent options. Remember that when you prefer a more neutral graduation makeup, even with shine, you will run less risk of disagreeing with the style of the party and will be able to dare in the chosen look color.

Makeup for graduation at night

Night parties allow you to be more daring in your makeup. This is the time for you to use and abuse high coverage foundations to conquer a porcelain skin. Also, don’t forget to perfect your blush, contour and facial illuminator. If you want to know what is the best product to light up your production, find out by clicking on this special guide that we have prepared for you.

Some seniors like to match their graduation makeup with the color representative of the completed course, but that’s not a rule of thumb. You can choose the shade and type of makeup that you find most striking for the occasion. For the more daring ones, the smoky black in the eyes goes very well with vibrant tones, such as blue and green in a closed cut crease.

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The lipsticks used at night can be the dark ones. Try to give preference to matte options to achieve an even more sophisticated result with better durability, so that you can enjoy the party without having to touch up. The tip to harmonize the look is: when you use colored eyeshadows, apply on the lips earth tones or clear, so the production won’t be overly extravagant, okay?

It is important to remember: your makeup for graduation will remain intact throughout the event, whether during the day or at night, if you carry out the correct preparation of the skin and finish the makeup with an ideal fixative. It is this final touch that will make all the difference and will give a beauty salon finish.

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