5 tips on how to open a women’s clothing store and rock

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5 tips on how to open a women’s clothing store and rock

The sector that presents the most high in the fashion business, the sale of clothes for women can be a golden opportunity for new entrepreneurs. And if you have a talent for the business, you might be thinking about how to open a women’s clothing store and succeed.

According to Sebrae, knowing the field well and planning the business is the starting point for the project to work and escape bankruptcy statistics in less than a year after opening.

Marketing Tips

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The Right Reasons to Open a Women’s Clothing Store

It makes all the difference to the success of the business that entrepreneurs interested in how to open a women’s clothing store really like the sector, get involved in the project and immerse themselves in the fashion industry.

Focusing only on money, on how much profit a business will bring, is the wrong motivation to start a business and can ruin everything. It is essential to understand that growth represents the natural consequence of a business management successful.

Do you like the fashion industry and want to learn how to open a women’s clothing store? See 5 tips below. They include guidance on machinery, structure, human resources and even regulations with the responsible bodies.

Tips for opening a women’s clothing store

1- Select products

An important phase of the business, selecting fashion products is the essential part before opening the doors and placing the store on the market. Who usually performs this task is the owner or owner of the enterprise.

It is necessary to think about the target audience and not personal taste to choose the pieces that will be sold in the store. Types and styles of clothing, prints, fabrics, trims, sizes, and other criteria must be considered at this stage.

It is worth remembering that in the fashion industry, the sale of clothing is associated with factors such as the seasons, weather, trends, among other motivations that are powerful sales incentives. The entrepreneur must be aware of the sector.

2- Equipment and structure

A physical store needs to provide viable working conditions for employees, customers and also for office operation, which includes tasks such as receiving goods, making and receiving payments.

The basic list of machinery includes:

  • Showcase for displaying products;
  • Minimum of 2 Mannequins;
  • Hangers;
  • Macaws;
  • Shelves;
  • Service Desk;
  • Cabinets for packaging and miscellaneous stocks
  • Puffs;
  • Computer;
  • Management software;
  • Air conditioning.

The structure must have a physical space of at least 20m² and 1 bathroom. 1 salesperson, 1 store cashier and 1 stockist are required, responsible for receiving stocks, organizing clothes, finding and storing parts.

It is important to think about a decoration that favors the products sold and the creation of a harmonious environment that will please customers, creating a favorable climate for consumers to stay in the store.

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3- Costs

Depending on the size of the company, a minimum capital of BRL 6,000 reais will be required to meet monthly fixed costs, such as bills (rent, electricity, telephone, internet, employees, inventory) and volatile values ​​(such as repairs to parts and machinery) .

The quoted value does not include working capital, which considers the amount needed to operate the store while the enterprise does not generate profit. According to Sebrae, the working capital must correspond to 6 months of the store’s operation, considering all its expenses.

Prices for each item of machinery vary between cities. Therefore, researching your city is important to discover costs that are closer to the reality in your region.

Here’s the list to get an idea of ​​the fixed costs you have to bear and without which you can’t open a women’s clothing store:

  • Salaries and charges;
  • Taxes, taxes, fees;
  • Rent;
  • Water, electricity, telephone and internet;
  • Cleaning material;
  • Counter (not required for MEI);
  • Advertising/Disclosure;
  • Packaging.

4- Regulation

Opening a women’s clothing store is included in the activities of an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), the regulatory process is simplified. No accountant is required, for example, and taxes are paid at a single rate by Simples Nacional.

In the MEI category, however, the annual revenue ceiling allowed is R$ 81 thousand, not exceeding R$ 6,750 per month. In other words, MEI’s billing will be more restricted, being suitable for beginners in the sector.

If the turnover increases, it is possible, however, to migrate from MEI to another category such as ME (Microentrepreneur), in order to bill higher amounts.

Follow the step-by-step procedure to apply for the company’s legal entity registration:
  • CNPJ required on the IRS website;
  • License required at the Municipal Finance Department;
  • Registration with the INSS (if hiring employees);
  • Trademark registration made at the Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

5- How to attract customers

We know that a clothing store is open during business hours, some even on Saturdays and Sundays, as is the case with stores located in shopping centers. But the answer to how to open a women’s clothing store goes beyond having the doors of an establishment open.

You have to keep customers, sell more, and win new customers. This process is daily and requires more solid strategies to make the company grow.

First, there must be an advertisement with leaflets and pamphlets to make the store known and attract the target audience and adopt marketing practices already known in the market. They are responsible for ensuring the success of the establishment.

  • Make good publicity around the store;
  • Offer cordial, friendly and interested service;
  • Serve the customer with satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales;
  • Offer good store structure (with air conditioning, clean and pleasant store);
  • Bring competitive price.

Learned how to open a women’s clothing store? Passion, good management, ability to choose products well and know the target audience well are extra secrets to success! Good luck and good deals!

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