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Fashion Design – what you need to know to get started • Designerd

Fashion Design – what you need to know to get started • Designerd

Who never dreamed of creating your own clothes, wearing something that was created exclusively for you, or that was simply improved and adapted from a previously conceived idea?

Fashion design is a specific field in the design area that allows its creators the possibility of designing and later making t-shirts, blouses, jeans or any other type of clothing, according to the ideas that arise in their imagination.

While anyone can easily create their own pieces of clothing (there are more and more art or sewing schools where you can learn to do so), being a successful fashion designer is not exactly a simple task.

Today we leave some simple tips to achieve the so desired success as a fashion designer.

How to be a successful designer

As with everything in life, in the area of ​​design you also need to have some skills important to be able to develop your work to the fullest, thus creating beautiful pieces to die for and that anyone wants.

Below are some practical tips for being a fashion designer, and that if you put them into practice, you can succeed.

1 – You must know how to draw

Well, there is no need to be a professional draftsman, however, it is important that you are able to express your ideas well on paper and without needing to speak.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of designers make simple designs, but very unique, which ensures an easy understanding of the essential and differentiating points of the design.

If you don’t have great knowledge of illustration, choose to take a course and study at home for several hours to learn how to draw the best you can. Only in this way will you be able to achieve your dream.

2 – It should also have some sewing touches

We know that you will probably not sew your own clothes (you will only design them), however, there is always a need to have some sewing notions so that you understand the limitations that a particular design may have, as well as knowing different and innovative alternatives.

Believe that a good fashion designer always has some basic sewing knowledge. If you don’t know how to do it, you can always take a few simple courses in sewing and molding (a good fashion designer should know how to put your piece together).

3 – Find an excellent source of inspiration

Well then, one of the main problems that designers face is that they essentially have fixed sources of inspiration, and they can often disappear over time (limiting the innovative and revolutionary character of the pieces).

It’s important that you have multiple sources of inspiration so that you don’t get stuck in any inspirational bubble.

4 – Start by drawing a sketch

It is important to keep in mind that when designing a certain outfit, you should always think about how it would look like a body.

However, imagine that you just want to create a mockup of t-shirts or a dress, and designing a body whenever you want to do it is not simple. In this way, designers end up creating sketches, that is, a simple model that will be used whenever you want to design a new piece.

Some tips to get started are:

  • Always sketch freely and not anatomically correct;
  • Remember to put your unique style on every sketch you draw;
  • Don’t be too preoccupied with the details of the design;
  • Use the 9-head model to create a relatively proportional model (ie, the body should contain 9 heads between the neck and feet);
  • Start by drawing a straight vertical line and divide it into 10 equal parts to assemble a proportion guide;

It is always important that you start by making your sketch in pencil, and only when you are really satisfied with it, pass the pen and add all the details and colors that you think are necessary.

This way, you ensure that you can easily delete everything in case there is a need to make a change.

It may sound strange, but keep in mind that the whole process between becoming a designer and actually getting your collection out in the world is not going to be a simple task.

You’ll need to work hard, work hard, and we’re sure you’ll cry a lot in the middle of the way too, so if this is your dream, don’t give up. We are sure you will succeed.

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