Content Types for Fashion Social Networks

Content Types for Fashion Social Networks

Content Types for Fashion Social Networks

You sell fashion online but do you still have problems with the type of content you will promote in your business? Or are you just starting out but have no idea where to start? Calm! Stop a few minutes and pay attention to this post.

Content is a major concern for those selling fashion online, after all, it needs to be attractive and attract the customer’s attention. Only then will he buy!

And with the amount of competitors online, it’s even more important think of ways to highlight. It’s the content is the best way to do this in an innovative way, increasing your business results.

What you need to think about before planning the type of content for fashion social networks

The big positive point of social media is the Ease of reaching new customers and keeping in touch with those who already buy from you, always looking to make the relationship loyal. But, in addition, it is important to pay special attention to some specific points, before defining the type of content for fashion social networks, whatever platform it is.

The truth is, if you start randomly placing lots of different types of content, no matter how good they may be, they might not make sense to your business and not impact your sales at all. In other words, it will be wasted time.

Therefore, before developing any strategy, you need to be aware of at least 5 points:

  1. Know the target audience

Knowing your target audience well is essential to create more assertive strategies to boost your results. And this is the most obvious beginning, after all, everything in your business needs to be thought based on your target audience, which are the customers you want to reach.

Once you know very well who your potential customers are, you will see that all the steps below will be much clearer and much easier.

  1. Know what your audience wants

Once you know your audience well, you’ll also need to find out what questions they have and what pain they have, so you can create content that answers those questions and hits the nail on what they want. For example, not knowing how to wear flared pants with sneakers is a “pain” for your audience if you sell flared pants.

If you invest time producing something other than what they want, the chance that they will consume your content is considerably reduced. And if you’re reading this content, that’s obviously not what you want.

  1. Define your goals with each content

No content should be posted just for the sake of posting, always put that in your head. Every content you are going to share must have a goal. For example, it’s no use creating inspirational posts with products you don’t sell…

Why inspire people and generate the desire in them to consume a certain product if you don’t have something similar to offer later? Sheer waste of time!

This will also make it easier for you to be able to analyze whether it worked and fulfilled its function or not.

That way you’ll know how to identify which content works best for each type of established objective, for example: sales, interaction and engagement, knowing the customer, achieving feedback, between others. The goals of your content can be varied.!

  1. Define your way of communicating

You must have a specific way of communicating with your customer, a way that they identify with and feel free to talk to you as well. Just as important when getting to know them is making sure they understand what you mean and vice versa.

Communication is the key to a successful business! It makes a difference in campaigns, in content, in sales, in short, in everything.

  1. have an identity

What is your company’s culture? Do your customers know how to identify your posts, content and products? It is very important that you create an identity, especially on social networks, where your customer is bombarded with a large amount of information, from different businesses. Having an identity will help you define what your competitors’ posts and products are.

The identity issue will also be useful to educate your sales team, help you position yourself, create content and much more.

4 content ideas for fashion social media

Have you ever stopped to think and analyze each of the 5 points we talked about above? Excellent! Now it’s time to start planning this based on the types of content for your social media! I’ll give you 4 tips to get started right now:


There is no way to start without talking about images, they are the key point for online business, especially when it comes to selling fashion. And if you use social media, like Instagram, then don’t be speechless. It is necessary to invest a lot in the quality and attractiveness of the images you publish.

After all, your social networks are the showcase of your business! I don’t get tired of saying this because it really is true. And everything you put there needs to make sense, be in line with your culture and be really beautiful and attractive to your customers. I see a lot of businesses that don’t care about yours. feed, complaining about not having good results, having no idea why. But it is obvious that if the customer is not attracted to it, he will not buy.

So take your time to produce quality images and with the standard of your business. If you want to post anything, better not post it, believe me.


Videos are also very popular when it comes to social media. And if you sell fashion, it can also be a type of content to start testing your business.

There are numerous researches that demonstrate that the Video posts have much more interaction, views, reach and shares. And that makes all the difference for those who sell through social media.

You can use the video for different purposes: present your business and your company’s culture, introduce yourself, show who is behind the service, use testimonials from customers who have already bought from you, entertainment videos, ideas for looks and much more. Dare and find what works best based on your audience, niche and business.

But beware, because just like the images, you also need to be aware of the quality of the videos you’ll be sharing. So think what you are going to say, make a script/plan and always bet on quality!

Gifs and Memes

Gifs and memes are an internet craze and you’ve probably already noticed the high impact they can have. But of course, you need to use them intelligently and strategically, because just as they can be very good for your business, they can also have negative results when they are not well thought out or elaborated.

Gifs, like videos, also help to increase your brand’s reach and engagement, and you can use them on different social networks. Be creative and use them sparingly.


E-books are also great forms of content, both to attract new potential customers and to nurture those who already buy from you. In addition to letting you share your knowledge, tips and trends, an e-book will also help promote your products and your store.

While producing an e-book will take more from you, the ease with which it can be accessed by anyone, from any device, makes it easier for you to reach more potential customers. So choose a productive line and hit it, for sure this can be very beneficial for your fashion business.

In addition, customers, especially women, are very visual and are always looking for combinations, tips and information on how to dress well, as well as trends. And the e-book is a place where you can bring it all together and show them how they can rock out using your products. So you will be able to boost your business.

But pay attention, in addition to betting on the quality of your content, make sure it will have the visual identity of your store, will be in accordance with your audience and will not be too long.

Extra tips for your content

Now that you have some tips for Content types for fashion social networks, I have separated some more advice that may be useful for you. But be careful, it’s not a rule, okay? These are some tips based on what I use in my business.

have a color palette

As we’ve already talked about, having an identity is very important for a digital business. And having a color palette also contributes to the creation of this identity and can be very useful for you, especially for those who work with feed from Instagram.

Having a pleasant and attractive color palette, you’ll be able to have a much more organized, beautiful and harmonious profile. And, as I said, your profile will be the showcase of your business.

Use Instagram Stories

If you use Instagram for fashion sales, but you still don’t use Stories, you’re doing it wrong! Stories are in full swing, especially after the changes to Instagram’s algorithm.

Many businesses are already investing in different types of short videos and photos to put in their highlights (or for a limited time). The result is your store’s reach growing. So if you’re not using it yet, get started right away.


IGTV is a not-so-new feature of Instagram. And many businesses are already investing in it! It’s a very similar feature to Youtube, where you create your own TV channel inside Instagram, let’s say. And it can be very beneficial to your business results!

If you don’t know how to use IGTV in your Instagram store, check out this content.

give tips

If you sell fashion online, why not give your potential customers tips on how to dress and create. looks based on your products? Trust me, this helps a lot in sales. The reason is simple: people are very visual and buy when they identify and can visualize how a combination can look beautiful and elegant.

Digital Influencers

If you’re just starting out or want to attract a large following, then bet on social influencers? They are people who influence other people’s buying behavior and help generate sales and audiences for your business.

Another tip is to also use trend reference sites like UseFashion, which also helps boost online fashion business. It might be a very interesting tip for you!

So, what did you think of the tips? I hope today’s content was helpful to you! To the next.

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