Cuts for those with a lot of hair.

Cuts for those with a lot of hair.

The ideal cut for those with a lot of hair is the one capable of distributing the voluminous aspect in the locks and highlighting the strands (usually thick) in the best way – whether they are smooth, wavy or curly, right? Luckily, the good news is that there is no shortage of styling options for all tastes!

Want proof? We separate inspirations and ideas from short, medium and long cuts for those who deal with excess hair and volume in the look. Now it will be much easier to take the right reference to the hairdresser. Enjoy!

Long, layered cuts are best suited to reduce voluminous hair

One of the best tricks to reduce hair volume is to make the strands gain weight downwards – that’s why letting your hair grow is usually the best option. With the elongated strands, the volume is distributed along the length and ends, leaving a glamorous look in the look.

For long hair, it is also worth betting on layers as an option to explore the strands, not only distributing the highlights, but also balancing the voluminous aspect from the layers at different heights. But, by the way, it’s worth the tip: be careful when betting on these layers, ok?

Overdoing them can cause the hair to “go up”, increasing the volume more towards the root. The trick to getting the cut right is to start the layers near the end of the length, below the chin.

Peaked effect helps to harmonize the volume in the look

Still on longer and medium hair that is longer, it is worth remembering that another perfect cut is the kind with peaked ends. The reason is simple: when plucking the strands, it is easier to harmonize the volume and weight that the long locks take for the length.

Thus, the final result gains movement and balance on the tips, combining both the straight cut and the layered one. Remembering that it is interesting to unravel the threads very lightly, ok? So the natural and light air will take over the look!

Asymmetrical cut is ideal for medium to voluminous hair

Despite the long look being one of the most indicated, medium and short lengths are not prohibited for those with a lot of hair, ok? In these cases, to achieve a modern look and with the right volume, it’s worth betting on asymmetrical cuts, such as double long bob or traditional long bob.

Here, the secret is to ask the specialist to cut the dry strands: that way, the hair is the length you want, no surprises. Better than being scared when drying the wires, right? At home, when it comes to washing, it’s worth betting on shampoos and conditioners that control the look, such as Elseve Supreme Control 4D .

Short round cuts further enhance volume in curls

Do you want to explore a lot the volume in the highlights? So the best option is the round cuts! They combine especially with the curly and frizzy strands, guaranteeing a very voluminous and powerful black power result – to top it off, they look great with bangs, right?! In these cases, don’t forget to take care of the finishing, defining the curls well and slash with the strands evenly distributed in the cut.

Article published on March 11, 2021, by Webedia.

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