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Male Moda - Men's Fashion Blog: MALE HAIR CUTTINGS for ROUND FACE, tips!

Male Moda – Men’s Fashion Blog: MALE HAIR CUTTINGS for ROUND FACE, tips!

Speak TIME, are you all right? πŸ™‚ OOP, it’s been a LONG time since I talked about Men’s Haircuts around here at Macho Moda, right? Well, how about starting to renew the Cutting Tips for Every Face Shape, huh? After all, it’s been years since I posted about the Round Face Men’s Haircuts. So let’s get started with the NOW post on how can we better balance the look according to our face shape? GO o

Round Face Male Haircut! The post I’m commenting on was aired in 2013 (wooow), a long time ago, right? haha I was reviewing the contents and saw that it was worth updating the Tips to inspire you with new references and also with New Ideas that I picked up over that time!

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So let’s call below NOW at Round Face Men’s Haircut Tips? Everything is well separated, everything is very convenient to absorb, just slide TIME, GO o

How to find Round Face Shape?

  • A good tip to find out if your face shape is round, is to see if the height and length are very similar, visually we can practically form a circle on the face;
  • More rounded lines in the jaw, chin and sides a little more curved;
  • Generally, the Cheekbones are fuller, emphasizing the circle print on the face.

Round Face Haircut Tips:

  • For balance the look, if you want to reduce the feeling of a rounded face a little, you can think of stretch your face, with raised hairstyles or with greater volume on top of the head in relation to the sides;

  • Lower sides or shaved with Top volume they can be your allies;

  • straighter lines, linear in the Hair and Beard cut can also help to disguise the round effect of the face a little;

  • hair with peaked volume, more unstructured strands, more fallen on the forehead, finally, are also good options to break the rounded effect;

  • Some fringed cuts they look really cool for those with a Round Face Shape, especially with the lower sides, bangs combed to the side, to purposefully break the round alignment of the look;

  • for those who have longer hair, the nice thing is not to be something so straight, think of something with a little more volume, natural hair falling on one side of the face,

  • THE Beard, together with the Haircut, can help and A LOT of that balance for the Round Male Face, just Click HERE to get the Beard Style Tips.

More Men’s Haircuts References for Round Face Shape:

Higher hairstyle, with low sides, linear lines.

Longer hair, but natural, without being something so straight, tossed aside, inspiration above and below!

Volume at the top and lower sides, faded, with a scratched effect creating edges there in the cut.

Raised and Peaked Hairstyle!

Hair with a little more volume at the top, working together with the beard!

Fringe fallen on the forehead, with greater focus on one side, lower sides, much greater volume on top of the head!

Taking advantage of the hook, to inspire, let’s be inspired by the Male Haircuts that are on the rise for 2018? Just give the PLAY below:

Hey TIME, like the Round Face Haircut Tips? Do you already use any of them in practice?

Leave your opinions here in the comments, for us to change the idea!

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