Discover the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram in 2022

Hashtags mais usadas

Discover the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram in 2020

Hashtags are already part of everyday life for many social media users. They always have themes related to photos, serving as a targeting tool. Faced with a multitude of different terms, have you ever wondered what are the most used hashtags on Instagram?

The application accepts input of these terms, gathering all occurrences and arranging them in order of relevance or chronological. Thus, users can access millions of photos tagged with these tags. How about understanding more about hashtags?

In this post, you’ll learn more about their function, how they are used and what are the 100 most popular on Instagram. Check out!

What are hashtags?

As the name says, they are tagging tags that Instagram users can place on their posts. They act as tags that classify the category of these photos.

Of course, not everyone uses it like that. However, it is always important to think about the segmentation of the photo, and then use the most appropriate hashtag in your description.

In practice, the hashtag is done whenever the “#” is followed by any word. That way you can just use whatever term you want and then start a new “tag” so that more photos are tagged with that word.

Thus, every new occurrence of that hashtag will be registered together with the others, compiling each photo with that tag inside a listing.

What is the purpose of the hashtag?

Generally, anyone who posts a photo on Instagram expects it to be seen. Regardless of the number of views, too it is important that the right people come to this publication..

If you are interested in fashion and make publications of this type, you can use #fashion. Thus, this hashtag turns into a link that, when accessed, will take the user to all other posts tagged with #fashion.

Segmentation is the main purpose of using this tool. That way, the post will attract people who are interested in that hashtag. Likewise, this photo will be placed in a specific category, related to the term used.

Certainly, those looking for this term have common interests. That said, increasingly, the hashtag has become something strategic, including by those who use corporate Instagram.

However, there is not always ample knowledge about this mechanism, which means that many of the most used hashtags are inserted without this strategic bias. That’s because not everyone wants to attract followers or give visibility to their posts.


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How to use hashtags as a marketing resource?

For some time now, companies have stabilized their digital presence online, especially on social networks. Instagram is a rich platform for marketing and brand exposure, and hashtags are an important targeting resource. They help to give proper visibility to posts, making it possible to find the right audience for the brand.

The hashtags most used by users can even be applied to these publications, however, they are too broad and attract a less segmented audience, according to the brand. Ideally, conduct a search to understand which terms will attract the most visibility.

Another way to use hashtags is in the development of digital marketing plans. One example is product launches. Brands can publicize the entire campaign using a hashtag, in order to have this specific “label” that will help locate their posts.

Engagement Campaigns

Engagement campaigns aim to bring the user closer to the brand, giving him the opportunity to participate in something. In this case, hashtags are created by brands for their audience to replicate, generating content that has these terms. Generally, sweepstakes and other campaigns of this line are the ones that most manage to engage followers so that they use the hashtags.

What are the most used hashtags on Instagram?

There are a multitude of terms used to tag photos, in infinite themes and in the way the user wants, since there are no restrictions. Some are very popular, especially the more general ones, without as much defined segmentation.

Below, check out a list of the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram and see the number of occurrences registered in each one of them!

  1. #love: 1,221B
  2. #instagood: 704M
  3. #photooftheday: 478.6M
  4. #fashion: 456.5M
  5. #beautiful: 445.0M
  6. #happy: 413.8M
  7. #cute: 404.3M
  8. # also: 401.4M
  9. #like4like: 393.9M
  10. #follow me: 374.3M
  11. #picoftheday: 363.1M
  12. #follow: 357.3M
  13. #me: 341.6M
  14. #selfie: 329.4M
  15. #summer: 320.6M
  16. #art: 319.4M
  17. #instadaily: 311.6M
  18. #friends: 299.3M
  19. #repost: 295.8M
  20. #nature: 286.4M
  21. #girl: 282.4M
  22. #fun: 277.6M
  23. #style: 268.7M
  24. #smile: 258.7M
  25. #food: 252.4M
  26. #install: 252.3M
  27. #family: 246.9M
  28. #travel: 245.3M
  29. #likeforlike: 244.3M
  30. #fitness: 238M
  31. #follow4follow: 220.3M
  32. #igers: 220.2M
  33. #tags4likes: 216.6M
  34. #nofilter: 213.6M
  35. #life: 211.7M
  36. #beauty: 211.2M
  37. #amazing: 204.8M
  38. #Instagram: 197.2M
  39. #photography: 191.8M
  40. #photo: 179M
  41. #vscocam: 179M
  42. #sun: 176.1M
  43. #music: 174.6M
  44. #followforfollow: 169.7M
  45. #beach: 169.7M
  46. #ootd: 162.3M
  47. #bestoftheday: 159.6M
  48. #sunset: 159.5M
  49. #dog: 159.0M
  50. #sky: 158.9M
  51. #vsco: 156.2M
  52. #14l: 153.4M
  53. #makeup: 152.9M
  54. #foodporn: 145.7M
  55. #f4f: 144.2M
  56. #hair: 139.9M
  57. #pretty: 137.9M
  58. #cat: 132.8M
  59. #model: 131.9M
  60. #swag: 130.8M
  61. #motivation: 126.6M
  62. #girls: 124.3M
  63. #party: 122.8M
  64. #Baby: 122.5M
  65. #cool: 122.1M
  66. #gym: 118.1M
  67. #lol: 116.9M
  68. #design: 114.8M
  69. #instapic: 113.2M
  70. #funny: 112.8M
  71. #healthy: 111.7M
  72. #christmas: 108.9M
  73. #night: 108.3M
  74. #lifestyle: 108.2M
  75. #yummy: 107.1M
  76. #flowers: 106.8M
  77. #fliers: 105.6M
  78. #hot: 105M
  79. #handmade: 103.1M
  80. #instafood: 103.1M
  81. #wedding: 102.5M
  82. #fit: 101.9M
  83. #black: 100.8M
  84. #일상: 100.7M
  85. #pink: 99.98M
  86. #blue: 99.24M
  87. #workout: 98.62M
  88. #work: 98.40M
  89. #blackandwhite: 96.60M
  90. #drawing: 95.95M
  91. #inspiration: 93.11M
  92. #holiday: 92.02M
  93. #home: 91.72M
  94. #london: 90.10M
  95. #nyc: 89.65M
  96. #sea: 88.27M
  97. #instacool: 87.31M
  98. #winter: 86.86M
  99. #goodmorning: 86.71M
  100. #blessed: 85.46M

What are the top hashtags and how have they moved up the list?

All of these top 100 hashtags have a purpose and behavior in the way Instagram users use them. Over the years, some have moved up this list, while others have been surpassed.

Just as important as listing them is knowing a little more about the main ones. Next, better understand the use of some of these terms and how they have behaved.


Absolutely the most used hashtag on Instagram — and that post has been occupied for a long time — #love is a broad and very general term. After all, any photo that shows love or something the user loves is eligible for this hashtag.


The runner-up on the list is somewhat unusual, but only for those who are not used to Instagram. #instagood is used as a way of pride for a well executed click — or at least that was the proposal when the term first came up, some time ago.

# also

Eighth on the list is one of the most used hashtags that generate more engagement on Instagram. It works almost like a campaign, where #tbt is an acronym for “Throwback Thursday”, which means something like “Thursday souvenirs”.

Usage is simple: on Thursdays, users use #tbt on old photos as a way to remember special moments. Despite being popular, #tbt has dropped two positions in the rankings in recent months.

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One of the most important, it advanced and ranked fourth among the most used in 2018. Its application is due to the photos of looks, clothes and everything related to fashion. This is one of the most used hashtags by digital influencers.


A broad and somewhat subjective concept, art also has its place as one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

For those who like to use it and for those who love art, good news: it has advanced 7 positions in recent months, reaching 16th place among the 100 most used. Exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, paintings and many more elements relate well to this hashtag.


Among the wonders of nature is the possibility of experiencing incredible places that can yield unforgettable records.

Naturally, whoever gets these good photos doesn’t hesitate to post them on Instagram. Because of that, #nature rose 9 positions on the list of the 100 most used, reaching 20th place in 2018.


Who isn’t interested in something beautiful? People, landscapes, objects and whatever else can carry this adjective will be properly positioned in the hashtag #beautiful.

It ranks 5th out of the top 100, showing that the range of recurrence of this term helps in popularization. Lately, however, it has lost 4th place, occupied by #fashion.

The most used hashtags on Instagram show how there is diversity and immense possibilities among users’ posts. Whether for personal use or marketing, using the correct term is essential to properly position a post!

And since it’s Instagram, check out our complete guide to Instagram marketing right now!

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