Round Face Men’s Haircuts

Round Face Men's Haircuts

Round Face Men’s Haircuts

I recently commented on the ideal cuts for the oval face and now, continuing in this series, let’s talk about the men’s haircuts for round face!

Those who have a round face usually have a very clear circumference shape, so the jaw and chin end up curving a lot, without sharp angles. The central region of the face ends up being wider than the top and base, generating a “chubby” appearance.


Furthermore, the round face is closely associated with the cute and “cute cute”, so the harmonization can also have the intention of giving a more virile and masculine appearance. In other words, this is another objective for those looking to improve their hairstyle.

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#1 Volume with top

The longer top creates the impression of elongating your face, it’s an accurate shot. So, the tufts look really nice, but the more traditional hairstyles also work.


#2 texture

men's haircuts for round face h

men's haircuts for round face and

Anyone with curly and wavy hair should make the most of this natural texture and bet on a look that blends in with the other tips here. Since those who have the thread too smooth should try to texturize it with waxes and ointments, the most important thing here is to avoid the flat flat ones.

This trick is essential for anyone who wants to do a long and medium length hairstyle.

#3 Invest in stripes

male haircuts for round face d

Stripes, especially straight, are interesting because they create a mark on your look. If it’s between the top and the side even better! This is really a little trick to boost your face definition.

#4 Beard well connected

men's haircuts for round face c

The voluminous beard when combined with the other tricks becomes the “icing on the cake” of your look. In addition to being modern, it adds a manly look and, as I comment in the video, it will favor the angles of your face.


#5 Close sides

male haircuts for round face b

The vast majority of high haircuts have shorter sides and this tip is basic for anyone with a round face. It makes a lot of difference for these cases!

Did you like the tips? Watch the video at the top to find out more about men’s round face haircuts! Oh, subscribe to the Youtube channel to stay up to date with the news clicking here ?

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