Do you have a lot of hair? See 6 cuts for voluminous and thick hair

woman with shaggy hair with curly bangs

Do you have a lot of hair? See 6 cuts for voluminous and thick hair

There are people who love hair full of volume, but some people prefer less. There is no rule, everyone has to use the yarn in the way that feels best. But, for those who want to reduce the volume, we give suggestions for cuts for those who have a lot of hair.

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It doesn’t matter if you have wavy, straight, curly or frizzy hair. The cut options are varied and have for every type of yarn. See our suggestions below and get inspired.

1. Shaggy

The shaggy cut is one of the most successful in 2021. Full of style, it is a modern cut, for those who like layers and fluidity.

woman with shaggy hair with curly bangsPhoto: Shutterstock

If you have wavy hair, the shaggy one will be perfect for your strand texture. Straight hair, on the other hand, will be lighter and with movement.

woman with smooth shaggy haircutPhoto: Pexels

2. Straight cut

This cut, especially on medium and long hair, makes the strands heavier and can help reduce excess volume. However, it is more suitable for thin and smooth, which are more aligned. If that’s the case for you, you can give the look some movement by adding a medium-length fringe. This style also includes the long bob, which has the front slightly larger than the back.

Woman with straight medium brown hair.Photo:

On the other hand, thicker, curly hair or when the volume is really excessive, the effect can be different from what you want and the ends remain voluminous and not in harmony with the low root, forming a kind of cone around your head.

woman with straight medium straight hairPhoto: Unsplash

3. Peaked cut

The pebbled takes the weight off the strands and also helps to distribute the volume better along the length, creating a more laid-back look. Straight hair with a chopped cut gains more movement and reduces volume because of the irregularity in the cut. The curly and frizzy ones, on the other hand, have a more balanced volume

Woman with brown shaggy hairThe peaked cut helps to remove excess volume from the hair.

It is noteworthy that you can opt for long, medium or even very short yarns, like the super current pixie. To get even more modern, a suggestion is to invest in a disconnected style for those with a lot of hair, with strands in different lengths, without as much symmetry.

influencer carol kyoko with colored hairPhoto: reproduction | Instagram @carolkyoko

4. Profiled cut

Although few people know the cut by its name, it is quite popular among women who have a lot of hair. That’s because it consists of a peaking that focuses on the front, where the volume usually bothers the most.

Woman with shaggy brown hair with bangs.Create a frame on the face and still turn down the volume.

It creates a beautiful frame for the face, while the rest of the strands are straight or just frayed to give a finish.

woman with long hair in wavy layerPhoto: Pexels

5. shredded cut

Slightly different from the shaved one, the frayed cut creates irregularity in the same lock, which can empty the compact mass of hair into it. This means that the pebbled is very good to help distribute the volume better along the length, but the frayed helps to bring more movement and lightness to the hair.

Woman with loose blond hairThe frayed cut can be done in various lengths.

That way, if you have a lot of hair and your goal is really to turn down the volume, shredding will probably be right for you. In this case, it is also possible to choose the length that pleases you the most.

influencer with long layered hairPhoto: reproduction | Instagram @vicqueen

6. V-cut

The V-cut can be done simply, just leaving the hair in a โ€œVโ€ shape or combined with other styles, such as shredded or layered.

woman with straight blond hair and v-cut.Photo: reproduction | Instagram @sheerperfectionbyalisha

If your intention is to reduce the volume, we recommend the cut made in the traditional way, without combining with other types.

straight v haircutPhoto: reproduction | Instagram @bononi_alex

Short, medium or long length?

This is a very personal decision, which should mainly take into account your taste. But, in addition, consider the cut for those who have a lot of hair that matches the shape of your face, your hair type, how you intend to finish it on a daily basis.

The longer cut for those with a lot of hair usually makes the strands heavier, but they need treatments to keep them always beautiful and healthy.

woman with short wavy hairPhoto: Pexels

Short cuts for voluminous hair bring some practicality, but, depending on the type of hair, they may require daily styling.

The medium ones, on the other hand, do not have the weight of the long ones, nor the practicality of the short one, but they help to create a classic and elegant look.

How to decrease the volume of thick hair?

One of the most common problems with thick hair is dryness, which makes the strands appear to have more volume. Therefore, the tip is to invest in hydration, always.

Always use a moisturizing styling cream after washing your hair, on damp strands, such as TRESemmรฉ Comb Cream Moisturizes and invest in a treatment mask once a week. O Clean Root Treatment Cream, Dry Tips has coconut oil in the formula, to keep hydration up to date.

Tresemme combing cream

Seda Jewelry Treatment Cream Root Clean, Ponta Sedosa

Fringe on voluminous hair: does it work?

Yes, it works. A tip for those who don’t want to risk it, is to invest in the medium length bangs, at the height of the nose. If you want a shorter bangs, at the eyebrow level, it can’t be that thin bangs, you know?

Ideally, the strands create a certain weight so the fringe does not become even more voluminous. Talk to your hairdresser about the best options.

Can someone with a lot of hair cut it short?

Maybe yes. As we’ve already said above, a short chopped cut can be a good idea to achieve a modern style with reduced volume, like the pixie.

How to care for voluminous hair?

Bulky hair also often tends to be dry, that is, with the cuticles open, which ends up giving this appearance of extra volume. Therefore, the tip is to invest in products that focus on hydrating the threads and make deeper treatments, with a mask or cream, once a week. This will keep the cuticles closed and the strands more aligned.

Another tip is to cut your hair periodically, at least every 3 months, to remove split ends and dry.

Product suggestion

One way to benefit from hair volume is to use products that suit your hair type.

To wash your hair, we suggest the duo Shampoo Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair and Conditioner Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair, which helps to hydrate and prevent split ends.

Shampoo Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair

Conditioner Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair

To finish, even in the damp hair, use a leave-in. We indicate the Bed Head Ego Boost Serum, which helps to align the strands, avoiding split ends and protecting the hair from heat.


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