Short Curly Hair: Tips on Cuts, Hairstyles and Accessories

Model smiling in profile with short curly hair.

Short Curly Hair: Tips on Cuts, Hairstyles and Accessories – Natural Beauty

Model smiling in profile with short curly hair.Curly hair looks beautiful in any style: whether reaching the waist, in a medium length or even short. However, those who value a more practical style, generally choose to use short curly hair. And those who think that this limits their style options are very wrong.

There are many people who are afraid to cut their hair, especially to make the big chop during the hair transition, because they think that short hair cannot be styled. However, this is far from being true, ok? You can do a lot of amazing things to make your short one more elegant!

Next, we’ll bring you three cut ideas, three hairstyle ideas, and three accessory ideas for you to rock with your short curls. Follow it here with us!

slash cuts

Short hair blends in with the curls. They bring a lightness to the look, and greatly enhance the face. Plus, it’s cooler and more practical. Check out three cutting ideas that you can do at Instituto Beleza Natural:

1 – Black style cut

Model with both hands in her hair smiling after making her Big Chop

This is a short for those who love bold ideas and fashionistas! The number 1A in our book is characterized by very short yarns, incredible layers and wonderful volume. It gives a very punk rock vibe, and suits all types of faces. It’s worth it if you’re in the mood to do something different!

For those going through the capillary transition, this is a great style option for the big chop. Don’t be afraid to take on your natural curls with this amazing cut.

2 – Bob or long bob

Woman with cut 14 for medium curly hair.

These two models (04 and 06 from our institute) are the ideal cut for those who don’t want to leave their hair so short. To make this type of cut, you make your hair shoulder-length, or even chin-length. It is a very modern and delicate cut, which mainly suits those who have a thin or triangular face. With curly hair, he ends up with a very charming asymmetrical appearance. It’s worth investing in this cut and coloring the ends for an even breathier effect.

Just remember to moisturize your hair well with a treatment kit, as the chemistry tends to dry it out.

3 – Swag hair

Smiling woman with short curly haircut n5 from cuts book.

This cut, number 5 on our Institute’s page, consists of making a straight cut on the back of the neck and with asymmetrical layers on the front. It is also a good option for those who do not want to opt for such short cuts. It is an option that goes with practically all types of face, but particularly with the round one, as it helps to thin it.

For those who like cuts that give a lot of lightness and get that ‘disheveled’ face, this is a super right choice. In addition, with the curls, it gains a texture all its own and a volume to stop traffic. Its asymmetrical shape is very modern and will make you mega-styled.

Bapho hairstyles

Those who think that you can’t style short hair are very wrong. It is possible to do many different hairstyles, using just one good one. finisher, a comb or brush and some hairpins. And if you don’t like or don’t feel like doing the hairstyle at home, that’s fine! Run to the nearest Natural Beauty Institute and make an appointment to do these breathless hairstyles!

1 – Sides with twists

Model with the hairstyle with the twisted side.

The cool thing about curly hair is that the texture itself is enough to create amazing hairstyles. Precisely for this reason, just playing with the texture of the sides gives a great style. For an interesting hairstyle, choose one side of the hair and separate three strands. Twist them so that the strands follow the scalp, and secure them with a silicone rubber band. On the other side, shake the strands so that they gain texture.

2 – Mohawk

Mohawk is a hairstyle that goes well for more formal occasions, as it looks elegant and beautiful. To make this hairstyle, you have to divide the hair between the front, middle and back. Then, secure them with bobby pins and use your fingers to open the curls and add a little more volume to the hairstyle. To style, add colorful ribbons or a pretty scarf.

3 – Coke with fringe

Model smiling with hairstyle in bun with bangs.

For those who use their hair in a bob, or long bob, this hairstyle is very charming and modern. Follow the next tips for doing this: Pin your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band, then create a bun with hairpins. And to give it extra charm, loosen a few strands and throw them over your forehead so that it looks like a fringe.

The most beautiful accessories

Another amazing way to style your short hair is by using the right accessories. They bring style and color to your hairstyle, and make any look more charming. Check out some ideas here.

1 – Scarves and turbans

Scarves and turbans are curly hair’s best friends. Colorful turbans help on the famous ‘bad hair days’, or those days when our hair doesn’t look so good. Choose colorful turbans with pretty prints and tuck your hair underneath, leaving a few strands out.

The scarves, in turn, leave even the most basic hairstyle with a special charm. You can use them as an ornament in a bun, for example, or sometimes as a hair band. Choose colors and styles that suit you best.

2 – Metal headbands

Tiaras are an accessory closely linked to African culture and fashion. You can use them in more formal events as a gem. Choose gold or silver options that match the jewelry you intend to wear for the occasion. Remember to take care when storing and cleaning to ensure durability.

3 – Colored elastics

The colored elastics and ribbons bring much lighter to the look. They go well at the ends of braids and also with bangu knots, those little buns on top of the head. All you have to do is use your creativity and combine the accessories with the look you intend to create.

So, did you feel like ironing the scissors? Tell us about your experience with short hair and if you’re enjoying it! And if you want to leave your curls hydrated, regardless of length, read our little text about hair schedule. And don’t forget to share your little secrets with us!


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