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Creative and easy-to-make Halloween costumes at home

There’s no way. This is a party that is here to stay. Every October 31st the streets and houses are scary for Halloween. It is increasingly common to see on this date, witches, zombies and frightening clowns circulating around the city.

To Halloween, the most important element is even the fantasy. But there are very interesting customization options adapted with what you already have at home or with very cheap materials.

There is no excuse to be left out of this party! Get to know some tips.

Halloween Costume Ideas

No need to spend a lot of money to adapt a good fantasy. There are a number of ideas that use from the old t-shirt hidden in the back of the closet to recyclable materials such as scraps. This can also be a good opportunity to get your hands dirty and join the famous “Do It Yourself”.

How about starting with the ideas below? It has something for everyone.

improvised Halloween costumes

A more elaborate hairstyle and heavy makeup, along with an old t-shirt can be the essentials for a great and different costume. A good makeup can still be the star of the fantasy. See cool ideas in the videos below and complement with your own ideas:

Youth Women’s Halloween Costumes

Children and teenagers can – and should – be part of the game. How about composing a very charming little witch look, complete with a hat, skirt and makeup? Finally, just add a black t-shirt and head to the party. Guaranteed success. See below how to make a witch’s skirt and hat:

men’s Halloween costumes

There are great ideas for the male audience too. Zombie-style makeup can be a great choice for a scary costume. But the composition of the clothes alone can be enough to make a creative costume. You can dress up as scarecrows, Mexican skulls, characters such as the Smurfs, Chuck – The Killer Puppet, zombies, pirates, among others. Check out!

Halloween costumes for couples

Couples can go in costume together. Look how cool! One of the tips is to invest in a very controversial pair, for example, Arlequina and Joker. The channel Sthefany TV suggests 50 costumes for you who are looking for ideas to make the costume with whatever you have at home. Give a look and get inspired:

Halloween costumes for kids

Children will certainly love dressing up as a pirate, vampire, Batman, sailor, little witch. With some compositions made with the clothes of the house, it is even possible to innovate in costumes and impress at parties. A t-shirt and a styling might suffice. Check out some ideas for the little ones below.

With these ideas, you will definitely be able to unleash the witch (or wizard) that exists within you and…

A good party everyone 🙂

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