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All C&A stores in Portugal- Address and opening hours

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C&A currently has 31 stores in Portugal – making our company one of the most popular fashion chains in the country. For over 100 years, C&A has been offering modern clothing at affordable prices. Whether for everyday, for the office or for sports, you can combine your favorite clothes for every occasion in one of our stores or in our online store.

Stylish clothing at reasonable prices – a tradition

We know how important it is for you to feel good in your clothes. That’s why we offer original styles for all sizes and all ages. From cute baby fashions to elegant evening dresses, you’ll find fashion clothes for the whole family in every C&A store. Our brands convince with modern cuts, stylish colors and unusual designs. And as the fashion industry is constantly changing and new fashion trends are constantly evolving, we offer you collections that often vary with the most sought after clothes of the season.

At C&A, however, creativity and innovation are not just important for garment design | the company’s founders already knew what matters in customer service in the business. As one of the first fashion companies, C&A introduced the right to barter and soon became a pioneer as well with its rapid collection changes. Many innovations, such as targeted promotions, or even in-store escalators – which we now consider normal – are the result of C&A’s pioneering spirit.

Knowing the wishes and needs of our customers, we know how costly it can be to dress the whole family, especially children, who are growing quickly. That’s why we attach great importance to offering high quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. So you’ll be able to enjoy new looks and try out different styles of clothes and colors.

Our brands at C&A

If you’re looking for stylish fashion at affordable prices, then you’ve come to the right place at C&A! Because almost no other company can offer its customers an advantageous price/quality ratio as well as we do. And so you can quickly find what you’re looking for, we’ve divided our brand into different collections: in addition to the “Clockhouse” for young people and the elegant women’s brand “Your Sixth Sense”, you’ll also find clothing for C&A stores in stores. babies, children and menswear. So we have for babies the “Baby Club” brand with cute baby clothes, made of high quality materials. Children are also happy with the “Palomino” and “Here+There” brands, which allow them to keep up with fashion trends even when they are still young. Both classic and casual distinguish the “Canda” brand: here men and women can choose their favorite clothes to look chic or casual in everyday life, without spending too much. For the young in body and spirit “Yessica” offers chic fashion with a lot of charm. And thanks to “Angelo Litrico” and “Westbury”, men are also in good hands at C&A. “Angelo Litrico” convinces with casual fashion for the modern man, while “Westbury” turns to luxury and timeless elegance. You can even find sportswear at C&A – with the brand “Rodeo” we offer a collection of sports and fitness trends for both women and men.

At C&A, we also place a high value on individuality. That’s why we maintain collections in large sizes, as well as fashion for all ages. Our colorful and modern children’s fashion allows children to dress with the same elegance as their parents, thus developing adults with a taste for elegance. Mostly teenagers, young people and parents with children are satisfied with C&A’s line. And because our fashion is not only affordable, it’s also characterized by strong materials and high-quality workmanship.

All our collections are characterized by classic cuts and the best quality to meet the highest demands. Also in terms of sustainability, C&A is one of the leading names in the fashion industry. We prefer to use organic cotton from certified organic agriculture and are committed to sustainable consumption and supply chain transparency.

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