51 perfect ideas to rock the clicks (PHOTOS)

51 perfect ideas to rock the clicks (PHOTOS)

51 perfect ideas to rock the clicks (PHOTOS)


You don’t need any special occasion to decide to take some pictures of yourself. This type of record is always valid, in addition to giving that high in self-esteem. After all, everyone loves to feel beautiful, don’t they? Just choose the poses for the photo that you like the most and click.

To help you out, here is a selection with some perfect poses that will please the most diverse styles. Whether standing, sitting or taking a traditional selfie, you will rock. Use creativity and enhance your unique beauty!

1. Look over your shoulder

Camila Coutinho

2. look sideways

Camila Rabbit

3. Hands in hair

Kelly Augustine

4. Fringe drooping and eyes closed

Maira Medeiros

5. Holding the glasses

Bianca Andrade

6. Lying over one arm

Paulinha Sampaio

7. Crouching

Two Lost Kids

8. Sitting with legs straight

Two Lost Kids

9. Giving your face in front of the mirror

Bruna Marquezine

10. Sitting, with arm supporting the body

Isis Valverde

11. Showing you and the sky

Alice Wegmann

12. On the floor, with legs bent

Luiza Sonza

13. With hands on face and head

Corissa Enneking

14. Standing with weight on one leg

Giovanna Ewbank

15. One hand on the elbow, one on the hair

Marieli Mallmann

16. Hands on knees

Elisabeth Moss

17. Propping your foot on the wall

Jessica Lopes

18. Legs lightly crossed

Marina Ruy Barbosa

19. Hand on shoulder

Luiza Junqueira

20. On your back, with your arms in the air

Alex Michael May

21. Holding the dress

Bree Kish

22. Holding a mug or cup

Jessy Parr

23. With a flower

Luciana Macedo

24. With both knees on the floor

Alessandra Garcia

25. One foot in front of the other

Barbara Graves

26. Hair in the wind


27. Smiling at the camera

Thamiris Mandu

28. From the back, admiring the landscape

little seal

29. Hand on hip

Fernanda Paes Leme

30. Lying down, enjoying the sun

Sheron Menezes

31. With arms around the body


32. With your hands in your pockets

Camila Queiroz

33. Looking over the glasses

Demi Lovato

34. Sitting on a sofa, with her head propped in one hand

Fatima Bernardes

35. Fun, making hand signals and grimaces


36. Turning the dress

Thassia Ships

37. Smiling with hands close to face

Lucy Ramos

38. With open arms

Jennifer Birth

39. Sitting on a bench, legs crossed

Priyanka Chopra

40. In front of the mirror, standing


41. With the chin held high

jorja smith

42. With one hand behind your head

Kali Uchis

43. Selfie making face


44. With arms behind the body


45. Playing with hair

Moorish Maga

46. ​​Holding the hat


47. With arms crossed

Rupi Kaur

48. Hugging the legs

Yasmin Victorino

49. Hand over mouth

Gingerbread & Cinnamon

50. Holding someone’s hand

Lauren Bullen

51. Embraced with your pet

Theron Humphrey

To take the pictures, ask your friends for help, wear clothes that make you comfortable and don’t be afraid to value your beauty. Let your creativity flow, and reproduce the poses you like best. Whether pouting or smiling, you will rock!

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