10 ideas and tips to do well on clicks

make ideas and tips to do well on clicks

10 ideas and tips to do well on clicks

See ten inspirational makeup tips for photos.

Discover the master tricks to look beautiful in any photo.

The ideal makeup for you to look good in all your photos is not a monster and you can do it at home, without complications and with basic products that you probably already have at home.

Having a well-done make up makes taking your selfies easier and avoids the hassle of collecting a multitude of clicks without finding even a photo that is just the way you want it.

To help you in this not impossible mission, we bring you the 10 best makeup tips for photos to come out well in your next clicks.

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make ideas and tips to do well on clicks

+ How to use concealer to enhance your makeup

1 – Make eye makeup before the skin

Photo Makeup Tips: Do eye makeup before skin

Eye makeup usually leaves a lot of residue on the skin.

Therefore, the ideal thing to make perfect for your photos is to apply foundation and concealer only after you have finished using eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyelash mask.

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2 – Leave the sunscreen aside, just a little!

Applying sunscreen to your face daily is extremely important, as it protects your skin from UV rays and prevents premature aging.

However, the effect of sunscreen doesn’t do very well with camera flash.

Therefore, make the make without the product when taking β€œthat photo”.

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3 – Be careful with the tone of foundation in makeup for photos

Be careful with the tone of foundation in makeup for photos

The foundation used on the skin of the face should always be as close as possible to your natural skin tone.

That’s because when the base is lighter, the tendency is for it to burst with the camera’s flash, leaving a ghostly appearance in the photo.

Also prefer the matte or ultra matte versions to avoid glare.

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4 – Use Concealer and Brighten the face

Use Concealer and Brighten face in photo makeup

Concealing dark circles and facial lines with concealer is essential for perfect photos.

Apply a concealer a shade lighter than your skin in the dark circles region, making an inverted triangle and lightly tapping to spread the product until the skin is uniform.

Try to use a matte foundation on the face and apply illuminator in the right spots, such as the temples, the top of the cheekbones and the tear duct.

When light reflects on these areas your photo will look wonderful.

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5 – Primer is essential

Primer is essential in photo makeup

To leave the skin even, free from porosity and ready to receive photo make-up, having a primer handy is very important.

The primer helps to disguise imperfections, making the result in the photo look much better.

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6 – Beige pencil on the waterline

Beige pencil in the waterline for photo makeup

For a bright face and look at the time of the photo, bet on a beige pencil at the waterline.

The effect can be even better if you mark it with eyeliner or black shadow below the waterline.

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7 – Bet on eyelashes

In photo makeup, bet on eyelashes

Eyelashes are one of the key pieces of makeup for photos.

So, bet on false eyelashes or fancy the mask layers, both above and below.

Be careful not to let the product accumulate in the hairs.

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8 – Blush on cheekbones

In photo makeup, use blush on your cheekbones

Another very important trick of photo makeup is the blush on the cheekbones.

The smooth effect is very nice in the images, contrary to the blush applied in a marked way on the side.

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9 – Define your eyebrows

In addition to having the eyebrows done, makeup for photos calls for definition and design to look even more beautiful.

In addition to having the eyebrows done, makeup for photos calls for definition and design to look even more beautiful.

Gently fill in the eyebrow flaws with a specific pencil for the region or with a shadow in the hair tone.

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10 – Mouthpiece

BocΓ£o trick in make up for photos

The mouth as well as the smile are very important for amazing photos.

So, bet on lipsticks with vibrant colors, contour the lips and don’t forget to smile at the time of the click.

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