Tips and Tricks to Get the Session Look Right

makeup for photography is important

Tips and Tricks to Get the Session Look Right

Photo makeup can take many forms. From artistic makeup to neutral, it is important to understand which products to use and how they interfere in the final result of the photo.

How to make makeup for photography is a common question among photographers. Mainly those who are not used to dealing with cosmetics on a daily basis.

Often, in the career of a professional photographer, it will be necessary to make decisions about makeup. Even in sessions with pregnant women or with the family, your clients may ask for tips and opinions on the subject.

But do not worry! knowing some Basic rules, it is very easy to make the right decisions when it comes to makeup for photography.

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  1. The importance of makeup for photography
  2. Types of makeup for photography
  3. Main makeup techniques for photography
  4. Tips to get makeup for photography right
  5. Gallery: makeup inspiration for photos
  6. Conclusion

Below you will find everything you need to know about makeup for photography.

The importance of makeup for photography

makeup for photography is important

It is common to associate the term makeup to more complex and eye-catching looks. However, this is not always how these products are used. In photography makeup, the objective is often another one.

These days, the cameras are increasingly accurate, capturing every detail of a scene. And that’s exactly why makeup for photography turned out to be indispensable.

For example, makeup can be used to remove unwanted reflections, give a smoother texture to the subject’s face, and add numerous other details to the image.

They often go unnoticed by untrained eyes. However, they still have a great impact on the final result.

Those who think that makeup is a tool only for female models are also wrong. Men have long taken advantage of this feature as well.

And of course: we cannot fail to mention the importance of artistic makeup. Enabling the creation of fantastic and unique images, this is an essential tool for modern photographers.

Types of makeup for photography

makeup for photography types

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve already mentioned a few. different ways to use makeup for photography. It all depends on the purpose of the photo shoot, the environment, the model and the lighting.

Below, you can check the main types of makeup for photography:

natural make up for photos

Makeup for natural or neutral photography is used when the objective is portray a model who appears to be without makeup.

It may seem counterintuitive, but there are many advantages to using natural makeup in all your sessions. Look:

  • Greater control of the illumination reflected on the model’s skin;
  • Correction of skin blemishes, visible pores or other unwanted details in the session;
  • Control of the most prominent areas of the face;
  • Better adjustment of temperature and color palette.

And these are just a few examples!

Natural makeup for photography is usually made up of products in nude tones – that is, they have a color close to that of the model’s skin.

Makeup for studio photography

In the studio, the photographer has greater control over the lighting, background, and color scheme in the frame. Thus, makeup for photography can be much more elaborate.

Photographs with products with shimmering, satin, gloss or metallic finishes are much easier to produce inside a studio.

Makeup for external photographs

Since there is no way to completely control the lighting outdoors, it is more common for makeup for photographs of this type to be softer.

Of course, this is not a rule: it is possible to create beautiful external images using artistic or striking makeup.

However, it is much easier to obtain good results in this type of environment using products with softer colors and an opaque finish.

Main makeup techniques for photography

makeup for technical photography

We mentioned earlier that, nowadays, cameras capture every detail of the subject. This is especially true in close-ups and portraits.

Advances in technology and quality of the registered image created the need for makeup products and specialized techniques.

Next, you find out what they are:

HD makeup for photography

THE HD makeup it consists of using products capable of hiding all the imperfections of the skin, without giving it the appearance that many products have been used.

These are options intended for the natural makeup, with a matte finish to avoid unwanted reflections.

Due to the photochromic pigments and the color microparticles that make up this makeup, it adapts to ambient light.

Also, with a very fine texture, it is difficult to identify that the model was made up.

4k makeup for photography

Developed with Ultra Definition equipment in mind, these products are widely used in the world of film and television. Much thinner than standard options, these products are barely noticeable to the naked eye.

4k makeup is made from amino acids, hyaluronic spheres and sericite. These components give a hydrated look to the skin, deflect light and hide imperfections. Even in front of very high resolution cameras.

Tips to get makeup for photography right

Now, you already know the main techniques and the importance of makeup for photography. In large projects, usually the photographer will have the partnership of a professional makeup artist.

But if you need to make the decisions for yourself or make suggestions for your customers, check out our tips for not making mistakes in photography makeup:

Avoiding unwanted reflections

This is the main function of makeup in photography. Therefore, prefer products with a matte (matte) finish. This is especially true when it comes to foundation.

In makeup that seeks a natural look and “no makeup”, these products are essential! If that’s not your goal, however, it’s possible to introduce some sparkle into the look. Just understand the lighting in the environment and know how to use reflections to your advantage.

When to use shine?

Gloss can be used on specific areas, such as on the eyes (shadows), lips (lipstick or gloss) and even on the cheekbones (blush or highlighters).

However, it is necessary that the brightness has a defined role in its composition. You will also need to pay close attention to lighting to avoid unwanted reflections.

As a rule, never use foundations with shiny finishes (satin, for example). These products tend not to shoot well, and are better suited for everyday use than for sessions.

Use makeup to highlight your eyes

Even in a natural look, it is possible to use neutral tones to highlight the model’s eyes. Simply apply slightly darker and lighter shades to the correct places on the eyes and eyelids.

Contouring and shading techniques can also be used to modify the shape of the face and highlight other areas!

Match makeup with the theme of the session

In the same way that people match the makeup and clothes they choose to the occasion, you should also be careful with your sessions.

For example, on an outdoor family picnic theme, extravagant makeup can look very out of place.

Therefore, understand its theme, its aesthetics and the expected result so as not to go wrong with makeup for photography.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the model

This is another very important factor when making decisions about makeup for photography. Depending on the type of face, eye color and shape, and other details, proper makeup can change a lot.

So, try to identify the strengths of the face and highlight them.

Extra tips: some considerations about makeup for photography

Contrary to what most people think, makeup does not always have to hide all the “imperfections” or textures on the face. In fact, these particularities often characterize and give more life to the image.

makeup for photography tips

A secret for professionals is to use color corrections that cancel out the problem on the face (for example, greenish corrections for red dots).

This makes it easier to hide some detail without getting rid of all the others – which can happen when using large amounts of base, for example.

Another trick you need to know is that, for models with drier skin, it’s essential to apply moisturizer before makeup. This prevents the make from ending up with a “cracked” or “crumbly” effect.

Gallery: makeup inspiration for photos

There’s nothing better to learn and be inspired by than seeing some practical examples. That’s why we built a gallery with looks and makeup ideas for photos!

Don’t forget: it’s very important to study the work of other photographers to develop your own aesthetic. So, check out our gallery and let us know what you think in the comments!

Neutral makeup for photos

We’ve already mentioned in this article: many times, photo makeup serves as a scene control and lighting tool for the photographer.

Neutral makeup, however, can also be used to record scenes where the use of makeup wouldn’t make much sense. Some examples are a family day at the beach or in the park.

Anyway, check out some photos of neutral makeup for photos below:

makeup for photography

makeup for neutral photography

makeup for photography

Glossy makeup for photos

Glitter has its place in the world of photo makeup! With the lighting in the right place, sparkling or satin products can generate amazing effects!

See some examples of makeup with shine that work perfectly with the session:

makeup for photography with shine

makeup for photography with shine

makeup for photography

Makeup for external photos

Outdoor photos usually call for a lighter type of makeup. However, this rule does not always need to be strictly followed.

Often, the contrast between the environment and the characterization of the model is precisely what makes a brilliant image.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some examples for you, both with more neutral makeups and with more striking colors and characteristics:

makeup for photography outdoor photos

makeup for outdoor photography

makeup for photography

external photos makeup for photography

Makeup for studio photos

In the studio, the photographer has much more control over lighting, background and ambience. That is why, it is possible to take more risks and create more dramatic looks for the photos.

However, that’s not why neutral or soft makeup has no place here. This is often what your theme asks for.

The main tip is to consider the desired result and the model’s face. Check out some examples:

makeup for studio photography

makeup for studio photography

artistic makeup for photos

Artistic makeup opens up a whole new world of possibility for photographers. It can manifest itself in many forms: from drag to bodypaint.

Today, artistic makeup is extremely popular, especially on social networks like Instagram. See some examples and take the opportunity to be inspired:

artistic makeup for photography

makeup for artistic photography

makeup for photography


Photography makeup becomes an increasingly important detail. That’s because, with the advancement of technology, cameras and lenses capture much more detail.

In other words, it is more difficult for the photographer to have all the control he needs over the lighting and skin texture without the help of these products.

With these advances in mind, specific products were developed for use in front of lenses. HD and 4k makeup have finer texture and greater coverage capacity. The result is a more opaque and natural make-up.

Of course, the goal is not always to make the model look like it doesn’t have makeup on. In these cases, products with shine can be your allies, if used correctly.

The trick is to always take into account your theme, your lighting and…

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