Plus Size Fashion for Women

Plus Size Fashion for Women

Plus Size Fashion for Women

Plus Size Women’s Clothing: all styles are here!

Everyone has that personal touch that makes their style unique. That’s the beauty of fashion: what’s really cool is cultivating the references that we love, intensifying that “X element” that only exists in you, and no one else.

And your personal style doesn’t have to be one-sided! In this process, nothing is more fun and transformative than trying out new things, trying different silhouettes, an unexpected color, using elements of opposite styles: this is how you create a complex, rich, very malleable and, even so, super authentic identity!

Looking for a relaxed, affordable, easy-to-buy space stocked with the fashion references you most want? Lojas Torra wants to offer everything you need to play with your style and discover new looks. Come explore our plus size section and refresh your closet!

You Fashion: trends and news are here

We love trends and news! You know that feminine, sensual and full of personality look that makes you feel amazing for being you? Every moment of your routine deserves this feeling!

Find the hottest new items of the season in quality pieces, with the correct fit and a size grid that hugs every body. Here, you can find the fashion you want, for affordable prices and a super variety.

Contemporary women: practical and elegant fashion like you

Is your fashion more sober, refined and practical? Our contemporary collection has classic pieces, with wild designs and fabrics that will accompany you from work to walk without losing elegance!

Need that neat white shirt for the office? Looking for a versatile tailoring set? Want a chic, basic dress that goes from dinner with friends to work meeting? Come find all these elements of your style at Torra!

Throwback: the 90s and 80s and their cool footprint!

The fashion world is cyclical, and it goes around a lot more than we think. This time, the references that came back with everything came directly from the 80s and 90s, with their more than characteristic volumes, patterns and colors. These two iconic periods in fashion history abuse the youthful spirit, the cool, irreverent footprint, just the way we like it!

Have you ever played in the puff sleeves trend, or “princess sleeve”? This daring element is the face of the 80s and invaded contemporary fashion, occupying space in dresses, blouses and overalls.

The jeans moms, who reigned in the 90s, are here to stay! With a high waist and loose modeling, they are comfortable options for a cool casual look. To match, nothing cuter than a cropped top, another hit of the decade. The combo enhances your silhouette, shows a little skin and makes you comfortable for everyday life. Browsing by category you will find this and other amazing looks to rock any occasion.

Discover more articles in our categories Fashion & Looks & Luxe & 90s Outfits.

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