Ingenious trick to cut your chopped hair ALONE!

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Ingenious trick to cut your chopped hair ALONE!

If you’re in that moment when you look in the mirror and can’t take your hair anymore, but you look at your wallet and there’s no money for the salon, this publication will save your wallet life!

the youtube channel I’m braiding, published a trick to cut your own locks in an easy way and the best, it looks really amazing! Just take a look:

Step by step

You will need:

  • good sharp scissors

  • 1 hair band

  • 2 clips

  • coarse teeth comb

Way of doing:

With damp hair, tie a ponytail to the front and tie it securely with the help of the elastic and hairpins, as in the image below.

If you don’t want to cut the bangs, separate them from the ponytail.

haircut) singles

Comb the ponytail and cut off the ends.


Twist hair to one side and cut again. Now twist to the other side, and cut as well.


Then comb again and make small random cuts with the tip of the scissors.


Now, loosen your locks and see the result.


The hair stays with its length and the parting gives movement. Isn’t that great?!

Source and Images: I’m braiding

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