Learn techniques on how to cut chopped hair without leaving the house!

Learn techniques on how to cut chopped hair without leaving the house!

Learn techniques on how to cut chopped hair without leaving the house!


Tutorials on how to stick your hair yourself are out and about on the internet. Experimental videos of homemade techniques that show the chopped and gradient cut in an easy and simple way. But will the application of these methods remain effective in the long run?

The medium haircut with peaked ends is one of the most demonstrated on the internet. The technique of tying the hair on top of the head and cutting the ends to make it pegged can have a positive result, but repeating it can damage the hair. The method leaves the hair full of layers, but ends up making a funnel, with some disproportions that can be irreversible over time.

Cut often used to maintain the length, the scalloped has several variations. Each technique requires different care, so to make a chopped haircut requires the help of a specialized professional.

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Types of chopped haircuts

There are several types of cuts to leave the hair with the perfect peak. Each technique requires different skills. Therefore, the Hair Stylist needs to be constantly updating itself to be a better and more complete professional. The hairdresser needs to improve and learn new techniques to make more beautiful work.

The diversity of the peaked cut requires the expert to know each one of them. That’s why we’ve separated some types of cuts to inspire!

Pebbled profiled haircut

For those who want to know how to cut hair that has been cut in the front, the profiled cut technique is perfect. This type of cut is done on the front of the hair, following the frame of the face, which offers lightness and enhances the features.

Ideal hair type: Suitable for smooth and wavy yarns.

Disconnected chopped haircut

The disconnected haircut is a type of peaking where the ends are in different lengths. Versatile, the technique can be applied with scissors or a razor, depending only on the hair texture.

Ideal hair type: suitable for any type of yarn.

Layered chopped haircut

How to cut layered chopped hair? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the easiest to answer. The technique is applied by cutting the hair in irregular layers, which can be done from the middle of the hair or along its entire length. The application of this type of cut must be done with caution, as depending on the size of the strands, it can give or take volume, molding the shape of the strands.

Ideal hair type: suitable for any type of hair.

Chopped haircut perforated

Anyone looking to learn how to cut their hair in gradient, know that the perforated cut technique offers this effect to the hair. Performed with the tip of scissors or toothed scissors in the vertical position, the method is Indicated for fine hair, as it results in a gradient with movement.

Ideal hair type: not suitable for frizzy hair.

Pebbled haircut for curly hair

Curly hair should be carefully plucked. Because this type of cut employs volume to the hair, so care must be taken not to exceed the volume and leave the strands armed.

To give that volume to the tresses, the indication is to abuse the streak. But, to make hair shorter, it is important to invest in longer and evenly distributed layers, done at a 45º angle. For this, it is important to use scissors and cut the hair with the dry strands, as this way it is possible to better visualize the lines of the curls and adjust the length.

pixie hair cut

To know how to cut short shaved hair, you need to know the pixie hair technique. This type of very short cut, also known as “Joãozinho” offers a much shorter length and a more radical look. The pixie can also adhere to the diced, just make the sides more minced.

Ideal hair type: suitable for any type of hair.

long bob cut

A darling of women, the long bob is the cut that requires the application of peaking techniques. Stripped down, it should have slightly frayed tips to give more movement and lightness to the cut.

Ideal hair type: not suitable for frizzy hair.


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