How to cut short hair? Discover the main female cuts and learn how to do it!

How to cut short hair?  Discover the main female cuts and learn how to do it!

How to cut short hair? Discover the main female cuts and learn how to do it!


How to quote short hair? Women’s short haircuts are increasingly on the rise. Be it at the shoulder, following the chin line or the famous “joãozinho”, the variations of short hair are back in trend.

Famous people like Bruna Marquezine, Deborah Secco, Camila Queiroz and Fernanda Souza, abandoned their long hair and entered the fashion of short ones. Each one of them fell into the trend with a different type of cut, this shows the versatility of techniques that can be applied for the most diverse results.

With a huge variety of types, knowing how to cut a short hair and apply different techniques, has become a differential in beauty salons. A good professional needs to know exactly how to make a short haircut for a round, thin face, or any other shape. Also, the technique of cutting short curly and straight hair is different, so you need to know the variations.

Amidst the variety of short haircuts, we look for the trends so you can learn and be inspired. Check out!

Pageboy: Retro Short Haircut

For those who were in doubt about how to cut short chopped hair, the pageboy came to the solution. This type of haircut is a shorter, more retro version of the classic chanel hairstyle. The pageboy was the cut of a generation, but the model got revamped versions. In the modernized version, the pageboy gained more versatile finishes, such as frayed edges and layers.

Women with short pageboy hair

Versatile, the pageboy is a cut that can be adapted to different hair types and face shapes. In addition, the fringe has also gained new shapes and can be adopted in traditional and straight formats, shorter lengths, such as a baby bang, or with a peaked finish.

Woman with short baby bang hair

Cutting characteristics: very short length, usually cut to ear height; straight and lined finish.

Pixie Undercut: Trendiest Short Haircut

Woman with Pixie Undercut Short Haircut

Versatile, the pixie cut is a short cut that can be created in many different ways. The combination of short and long makes your hair care routine more practical as the underside doesn’t need much styling. To align the top, just use a bit of finisher to define the texture and enhance the shine.

Woman with short pixie cut haircut.

Cutting characteristics: it keeps the base, especially the nape and sides, shorter, while the top is more elongated.

Straight-cut woman with bangs in curly hair.

Many people believe that you can only cut short hair in layers, but curly hair can also look super trendy with a straight cut. The more complete finish of the short cuts tends to give more weight to the strands, so this cut is only suitable for those with fine curly hair. The straight cut with bangs leaves the hair a little more volume at the top of the head, to balance with the ends.

Juliana Paes straight cut with fringe in curly hair

Cutting characteristics: “Triangle” effect on the straight and more armed ends and bangs at the level of the eyebrow or above.

Asymmetrical Short Bob: Sophisticated Short Haircut

Naturally versatile, the asymmetrical cuts combine with classic, modern, and even the boldest and least traditional styles. Perfect for all types of hair, in curly hair, this duality of the bob cut is ideal for those who want to enhance the definition of curls in a bolder and more youthful way.

Cutting features: keep one side of hair shorter and one side longer. The longer end is cut around the chin line while the shorter side ends just below the ear.


For those looking for how to cut short frayed hair in a modern and versatile way, the retro and creative styling can be a good option. The short shag is a great short cut inspired by curly hair with volume and attitude.

Cutting characteristics: the length of the strands are layered in many thin layers, which usually start at eye level, to give the hair a lot of movement. The finish can be more square or more rounded. In addition, you can make a fringe to give harmony to the result.

Pixie Cut: Asymmetrical Short Haircut

If you already know how to cut short hair “joãozinho”, then you already know the pixie cut technique. Versatile, yet short, the cut can be adapted in a number of ways, including the asymmetrical style.

Cutting characteristics: strands cut two or three fingers long.

Short-cut differences for men and women

In the past, people defined short haircuts as masculine. But times have changed and specific techniques have emerged to cut women’s hair, leaving them with the so-desired short. With the difference in texture, growth and hair fall of men and women, it is necessary to divide the types of cut and method applied to each one. The same applies to children’s short haircuts for women or men. See some examples:

Examples of male short hair

Examples of female short hair

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