Halloween Makeup: 8 Easy and Terrifying Ideas

cat halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup: 8 Easy and Terrifying Ideas

Halloween is coming and for anyone who likes a macabre, is a horror movie fan or simply likes to get out of the ordinary, it’s time to put your most terrifying side out and have fun in Halloween costumes and makeup.

I particularly love these things. But what I see on the internet when I look for makeup for Halloween is makeup that is more difficult or that requires some makeup that is not anyone’s home. As a non-professional makeup artist, I made this post thinking about giving ideas that are more possible for you to do at home.

Lover of horror movies, I think it’s really cool to take movie references and turn it into Halloween costume or makeup. So, I separated some tips in this footprint and also in those traditional skulls, devils and other symbols of that date…ready?

1. Cat

I chose this one very easy, just have the basic items: pencil, eyeliner, lipstick and black eyeshadow. The white part can be done with that very light concealer, white eyeshadow or pancake.

cat halloween makeup

2. evil clown

This character is the basics of scary, how many times have we seen movies where the clown is bad? Therefore, this choice is without error.

The makeup accessories needed are not much different from the previous tip, here you can add a little more color, especially red.

halloween clown makeup

halloween clown makeup

halloween makeup joke

3. Deadly Games / Saw

This makeup is for movie fans, a unisex make up and also easy to do, capable of causing terror in anyone! Have you ever thought of coming across someone with makeup like that?

halloween SAW makeup

4. Chuck’s bride

I loved it and the most complicated thing here (but not so much) is the blood. Just use a diluted red gouache or watercolor to simulate all that blood. On the make, very smoky black, a little red and brown and, to finish, give that thinner effect to the eyebrows.

Chuck makeup's bride

5. Mexican skull

I think this makeup is beautiful and it is usually the most complicated. Here, I confess that a little talent is needed, but those who like makeup will have fun.

This tip was one of the easiest I found and I loved the result!

6. Cruel Cruel

Who has never been terrified of this childhood villain? I had never thought about this idea of ​​fantasy, here the worst thing is finding the wig, but if it’s affordable I think it’s worth doing!

cruel curel

7. Devil

This Halloween makeup can’t be missing, right? I loved this tip, it’s easy and shows everything from make up to hairstyle. If you want to see the full video on youtube, click here.

8. macabre doll

These makes can be done in many ways, just be creative. This macabre fluffy thing is perfect for Halloween. I separated a very cool and different tip, in the result it seems that the process is much more difficult…take a look:


So, ready to terrorize you around with your Halloween makeup?

One more tip that can complete makeup this Halloween, by clicking here you can learn more about latex clothes!

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