Captions for photos on Instagram and Facebook

Photo captions

Captions for photos on Instagram and Facebook

The other post with Captions for photos on Instagram and facebook was very well accepted, that’s why I’m here, with more phrases, for you to use when you find the “perfect” photo.

Photo captions

Captions for photos. Write it down:

“They love to tell you, ‘Don’t go out of bounds’, but there’s something better on the other side…”

“No matter where we are, our mind is our home.”

“How many lives do you need to live yours?”

“You will see me with new eyes. Or with the eyes of others?”

“The scheme is to take it easy. The whole life is made to be happy. Open your eyes to what your heart tells you!”

“But the fact is that we were, are and will always be very strong.”

“It’s all based on the faith you have.”

“One day you will understand why God has not given you everything you wanted. You see today, but God is eternity.”

“And I continue to water my beautiful garden. Because better than being a flower, it’s making it bloom. I cultivate smiles, to captivate hearts.”

“Follow your destiny. Water your plants. Love your roses. The rest is shade from other trees.”

“It is the attitudes and not the circumstances that determine the value of each one. What you say, with all due respect, is just what you say.” – Bob Marley

“And how many times did you think you couldn’t take it, but did you? Faith in God, lift your head, look in the mirror: you are the measure of the impossible, a carousel of miracles, God’s plantation.”

“I place a very high priority on being happy.”

“How many “what ifs” do you have in store?”

“Do not worry. People even throw stones at things that shine.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”

“While I don’t arrive, I watch and that just adds up. Essential for every dreamer is to have a broad vision”

“May each day carry with it the wonder of the passing moment. Existing is a privilege. Living is wonderful”

“Think about everything you’ve been through. Fix now what’s to fix. A new world is calling you, it’s time to fly. Remember where you started, plan where you want to go. The whole world is waiting for your light to shine.”

“So I went. And I go every time love calls me”

“Whoever thought the most about a future with you, thought less than me.”

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“To be shaped by God is to be sure to be a rare vessel.”

“Long life. Small world. We’ll still meet.”

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

“Collect moments. Not things.”

“There’s nothing like taking a deep breath after having a laugh. Nothing in the world compares to a sore belly for the right reasons.”

“Some things take time. Others, time takes.”

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

“If not today, one day it will be. Some things, as impossible and crazy as they seem, we know, deep down, that they were made to one day work.”

“Not always giving up is a sign of weakness. Sometimes you have to be really strong to let go.”

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