Where Is Costco Opening New Stores In 2022?


Costco Wholesale Corporation announced that it will be opening at least eleven new Costco locations in 2022. The new locations will be in College Station, St. Augustine, Auckland and Riverton. This brings the total number of Costco warehouses to 828 worldwide.

A Riverton, Utah, store would be opening in May, and stores in St. Augustine, Florida; College Station, Texas; and Murrieta, California; are planned to open in June. A Salem, Oregon, store will also be relocated, Costco said.

It will be in 2022 when residents of Seattle, Garner, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Des Moines, Iowa, will be able to enjoy exclusive Costco products.

In June, a Costco will open in North Oshawa, Japan, and later, in July, another store is set to open in Mibu, Japan. August adds more Costco openings to the lineup, including one in Auckland, New Zealand, and another in Gimhae, Korea.

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