Are Chips Made To Be Addictive?

A new study has shown that potato chips are as addictive as hard drugs, and the habit is hard to quit. In a new U.K. special “Secrets of Our Favourite Snacks,” Dr. Tony Goldstone of Imperial College London revealed the results of a new study in which he compared the brain activity of snack eaters and drug addicts.

Chips can be addictive just like anything else. I think it is because you really like the taste and so, you will want it more and more. Whenever I buy chips, I buy the really small packages that are available here and I seldom buy chips and other junk foods to avoid getting hooked on this kind of foods.

4. Potato chips may be addictive. I know I made a joke about being a “chip addict,” but numerous studies show that tasty foods can activate the “reward systems” in our brains. These “reward systems” are the reasons why the term “comfort food” exists. They are also the reason why drug addiction exists.

And it’s not entirely your fault that the intended final handful of chips was not, indeed, your last for that snacking session. Many common snack foods have been expertly engineered to keep us addicted, almost constantly craving more of whatever falsely satisfying manufactured treat is in front of us.

Not surprisingly, most of the foods rated as addictive were processed foods. These foods were usually high in sugar or fat — or both. The number following each food is the average score given in the study mentioned above, on a scale of 1 (not at all addictive) to 7 (extremely addictive).

Acrylamides were also found in baked chips. If you are trying to lose weight, eating potato chips often may hinder you from reaching your goals. You may have to work out harder or walk more to burn off those extra calories if you are eating chips often. Chips may be addictive to some people. Overall, try to eat less potato chips (french fries too).

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