Does Dunkin Coconut Milk Taste Like Coconut?

Of course, coconut milk tastes like coconut. The best kinds of thick coconut milk are rich and creamy and have a strong coconut flavor. But with thin coconut milk, you can expect the milk to have a slight coconut flavor, rather than a strong oomph. Generally, both coconut milk and creams have the aroma and nuttiness of the tropical fruit.

If you want a non-dairy twist with more of an energy boost, you can also enjoy coconut milk in Dunkin’s new Coconutmilk Iced Latte. The non-dairy sip puts a twist on your usual iced coffee with its creamy blend of espresso and coconut flavors. You can pick up the iced drink in small ($4.09), medium ($4.49) or large ($4.89) sizes.

The Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher is a much sweeter drink and has a more syrup-like consistency. In our opinion, this drink DOES remind you of a sugar bomb packed with sweeteners and caffeine. The first sip is quite a shock of sweetness followed by a syrup-like texture. If you are into “lips gloss” drinks, this one is for you!

Dunkin’ has a new line of Refreshers that feature plenty of tropical flavors, thanks in part to the chain’s new coconut milk offering. If you’re wondering exactly what’s in Dunkin’s Coconut Refresher, the sip is certainly a treat for your eyes and your taste buds.

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