What Is The Savory Sauce On The Ch King?

If Burger King can offer a tangy, savory sauce that brings the whole sandwich together, everyone will want to try this new offering. In addition to the classic Ch’King, Burger King is offering a spicy and deluxe version, too.

The options you have at the moment when ordering are either a Ch’King or Spicy Ch’King. Both come on toasted potato buns with a signature sauce and crisp pickles. The spicy variety is the same chicken as the original (no spicy seasoning in the breading), just tossed in a spicy glaze.

According to Burger King, the Ch’King is a hand-breaded chicken, served on a toasty, potato bun. Topped with pickles and a savory signature sauce.

CNN Business notes that the fast food chain chose to rebrand its sandwich creation, opting for the Ch’King moniker over the original Hand-breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich. When you visit the restaurant, you have four options of the Ch’King Sandwich at your disposal.

What Chicken Sandwiches Does Burger King Have?

There are currently eight chicken sandwiches on the Burger King menu that vary in their toppings, sizes, and crunch factor. All Burger King sandwiches come ala carte or as a meal that includes fries or onion rings and a drink.

The calories in a Burger King chicken sandwich range from 386 to 1,498, depending on the sandwich type. Calories in a Burger King chicken sandwich meal also range from 666 to 3,075 depending on the size of the meal and sides chosen.

The Chicken Jr and Spicy Chicken Jr sandwiches are part of Burger King’s Value menu and cost $1 at most locations. The prices of other Burger King Chicken Sandwiches typically range from $4.99 to $5.69 depending on the location.

Burger King Chicken sandwiches come with two sauces: original mayonnaise or a creamy, savory sauce. The Original Chicken Sandwich and the Chicken Jr pair mayonnaise with chopped lettuce, while the new Ch’King Sandwich line and the Spicy Chicken Jr all use Burger King’s savory sauce.

Burger King chicken sandwiches are not available during breakfast at most locations. Chicken sandwiches can only be ordered during lunch and dinner hours at most Burger King restaurants. However, this may vary at 24-hour locations and with specials and promotions.

You can order Burger King Chicken Sandwiches online through the BK website or mobile app. You can order chicken sandwiches online for pickup or delivery based on availability. All Burger King chicken sandwiches come as a la carte or a meal that includes a drink and a choice of classic fries or onion rings.

Burger King gives away a free chicken sandwich on November 9th, also known as National Fried Chicken Day. Other fast-food restaurants also participate in this made-up holiday which has become known as the fast-food chicken sandwich wars.

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