What Is In Duke’S Mayonnaise?

Ingredients The Duke’s products have some common ingredients which are: soybean oil, distilled water and cider vinegar, salt, natural flavors, calcium disodium EDTA added to protect flavor. Can You Eat Duke’s Mayonnaise On The Strict Keto Diet?

Duke’s mayonnaise also uses more eggs than other brands, which apparently adds to its creamy, rich flavor and thick, custard-like texture. The way Southern Living puts it, these methods make Duke’s mayo “look and taste more like homemade mayonnaise, a wonderful thing that is quite tedious to perfect.”

Both contain Soybean oil, eggs, and salt. Duke’s mayonnaise contains a combination of distilled and cider vinegar, while Hellman’s only contains distilled vinegar which makes Duke’s tangier. Hellman’s also contains lemon juice concentrate and sugar.

The color of mayo can vary from near-white to pale-yellow and the texture can be from a light cream to a thick gel-like consistency. Duke’s Mayonnaise is one of my favorite mayos on the market and the third-largest brand of mayo in the US. It is known as the mayo that contains more egg yolks than any other on the market.

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