TOP-8 novelties of military films 2019: the main actors, description and trailers in good quality

War is a terrifying and bloody event. It will not leave anyone indifferent. War films depicting battles and struggles are considered quite relevant and always evoke an emotional response from the viewer. And this year’s war films are no exception. They are aimed at teaching the viewer respect for people who risked their lives in order for us to be able to build our future. Films about the war are films not only with an entertaining, but also an educational bias. They make the viewer think about their views on life, reflect on their actions and their all kinds of consequences.


Country: USA

Release: May 3, 2019

Starring: Harry Gilby, Derek Jacoby, Nicholas Hoult, Colm Mini, Lily Collins.

This film is based on the biographical story of a young man named John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. The main character lost his parents at an early age. Having lived a difficult orphan childhood, he was able to find a true friend. School friends, with whom they created a real brotherhood, became new relatives for the boy. Having lost a lot in life precisely during the First World War, the guy was able to gain the most important thing – the love of his life. It was this woman who was by his side until the end of his days.

Save Leningrad

Country Russia

Release: January 27, 2019

Starring: Gela Meskhi, Maria Melnikova, Sergey Zharkov, Andrey Mironov-Udalov, Ivan Lyrchikov, Anastasia Melnikova.

The film is based on the real events of 1941. It was from this year that the Great Patriotic War began. Young cadet Konstantin Gorelov, together with his beloved girlfriend Anastasia, sit on the evacuating barge number 752 to leave the besieged Leningrad. The chance of salvation suddenly turned into an incredible torture, because a couple of hours after the ship’s departure, a violent storm began, accompanied by a fascist aerial bombardment. What conditions will the heroes have to go through, and will they be able to survive?


Country: USA

Release: April 25, 2019

Starring: Jason Clarke, Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgard, Keith Phillips, Fionn O’Shea.

1946 A British colonel, paired with his wife, goes on a business trip to the city of Hamburg, which requires restoration after a brutal war. After arriving at the place, he settled in the house of a German widower. Difficult relations are developing between the neighbors in connection with the past events. Yet they are forced to endure the presence of each arc. What are the consequences after such a neighborhood, and will they be able to get along with each other?

Corridor of immortality

Country Russia

Release: May 8, 2019

Starring: Igor Yasulovich, Artem Alekseev, Alexander Yatsenko, Anastasia Tsibizova, Daria Ekamasova, Artem Melnichuk.

In the center of the picture is Masha Yablochkina. Yesterday she was an ordinary schoolgirl, but after the terrible blockade of Leningrad in the winter of 1941-1945, she went to train courses. Here the girl wanted to hide from everything bad, gain strength and just survive, but the trials of fate for her did not end there. Masha was assigned to Shlisselburg for the construction of the highway. This place is in the line of sight of the German artillery. So Maria gets into a locomotive convoy, where her task is to deliver military equipment to Leningrad. The heroine has little chance of survival, but still she goes all the way.

Fifteen minutes of war

Country: France

Release: January 30, 2019

Starring: David Murzhia, Olga Kurylenko, Alban Lenoir, Sebastian Lalanne, Mikael Abitbul.

The plot of the film describes the events of February 3, 1976. Terrorists hijacked a bus with children on their way to school near the Djibouti border. They were heading towards Somalia. The only people who are able to save innocent children are a special group of snipers. Will they be able to fulfill their mission, because the slightest mistake can turn into a large-scale tragedy?

Cry of silence

Country Russia

Release: January 27, 2019

Starring: Lev Girshov, Alina Sargina, Artem Bystrov, Svetlana Spirnova, Vladimir Menshov, Nadezhda Markina.

The main character of the film is Zina Voronova. She tries to survive with her child during the siege of Leningrad. They have absolutely no food left, in this regard, the woman decides to evacuate. A young mother cannot walk with her son across the lake, and therefore leaves the child in a cold house. The hungry and exhausted boy is found by the girl Katya. She became his savior and tries to save his life by passing him off as her younger brother.

Wartime 3

Country Russia

Release: May 5, 2019

Starring: Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Ekaterina Klimova, Yuri Vaksman, Evgeny Volovenko, Dmitry Sutyrin, Anna Glaube.

The third part of the film has every right to be among the best new war films of 2019. The film describes the events of the Second World War. Odessa has already freed itself from the attack of the Germans, and people’s lives are gradually improving. At this time, intelligence makes it known about an agent network under the leadership of the Abwehr, which was deployed in a neighboring city. Not only saboteurs are involved there, but also ordinary residents. The Moscow leadership entrusts this matter to a special group led by Viktor Zayagin.


Country Russia

Release: January 1, 2019

Starring: Irina Starshenbaum, Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Peter Skvortsov, Artem Bystrov, Semyon Treskunov, Incenz Kiefer.

A film reel dedicated to the Second World War …

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