TOP 15 most interesting books of the adventure genre

The adventure genre has always attracted dreamers. These books have everything the reader needs – treasures, brave heroes, journeys to secluded corners of the world, and much more. Having opened the book, everyone can plunge into a fascinating and unexplored world without getting up from the couch. What works are worth paying attention to?

Around the world in 80 Days. J. Verne

The book tells about the adventures of an eccentric Englishman who, having argued, goes on a journey around the globe. The hero is accompanied by his temperamental servant. A couple of exciting journeys await, during which they will be in danger more than once. Rereading this work once again, you can mentally return to childhood.

The Diamond Thieves. L. Boussinard

This book is one of the best works of the writer. The action takes place in Africa, where the main characters – three brave Frenchmen are trying to find treasures. Of course, their path cannot be smooth, so everything will be here.

Captain Scott’s pole. B. Sushinsky

The story is set in 1911-1912, when the English captain and explorer Robert Scott set out to conquer the South Pole. At the stage of the ascent, the heroes will have to fight not only with nature and its elements, but also with other researchers who want to take away the laurels of discoverers from them.

The last of the Mohicans. D. Cooper

The book will tell the fascinating story of the struggle and destruction of the Indians who lived in North America. The main character of the novel is Cooper’s favorite character – the brave tracker and hunter Natty Bumpo.

Heir from Calucutta. R. Shtilmark

The action in the book develops very rapidly. Noble and brave heroes will have to fight vile villains and resist seductive beauties. In addition, deadly poisons, predatory animals, storms and earthquakes will be on their way.

White leader. M. Reed

The works of this author are remembered not only for courageous actions, but also for romantic feelings. Distinctive features of his books include intense dialogue, colorful descriptions and romantic manner of storytelling. This time, the protagonist of the novel needs to overcome numerous obstacles created not only by people, but also by nature itself.

Tramps of the North. D. Kerwood

American naturalist and travel writer James Curwood was very fond of writing about the harsh climate of Alaska and northern Canada, as well as the wildlife that inhabit these territories. In the book, the reader can find a whole series of works about courage, strong friendship and loyalty.

Fanfan Tulip. J. Weber

The novel takes place during the reign of Louis XV. The main character of the book is a resourceful and brave Fanfan-Tulip, who, fighting with enemies, will be able to save his girlfriend and even find his cousin.

The Adventures of Prince Florizel. R. Stevenson

The author is known to the reader as a master of detective and adventure books. Therefore, in his novels there are always many secrets, conspiracies, adventures, revelations, duels and other exciting events. The eccentric prince Florizel combined several of Stevenson’s works at once – “Diamond of Raji” and “Suicide Club”.

Blue horizon. W. Smith

The protagonist of the book, Courtney, sets out on a journey, during which she plans to conquer an unknown continent. But on the way, he meets a charming girl, captured by Dutch sailors. Now he is ready to do anything to save her. In addition, he will have to survive in a battle with an entire continent, fraught with a huge number of dangers. But will he and his beloved be able to withstand all this?

Three from the navigation school. N. Sorotokina

The book is set in 1743. Elizaveta Petrovna is to ascend to the throne. But the empress cannot reconcile her main assistants – Vice-Chancellor Bestuzhev and Count Lestock. The latter starts a political adventure, the students of the Maritime Academy Belov, Korsak and Olenev become involuntary witnesses. Now they must prove that true friendship, loyalty and courage are not just empty words.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. M. Twain

The story of this boy is familiar to all schoolchildren. He is kind, intelligent, freedom-loving, despite his young age, he understands people well and knows how to really be friends.

Alchemist. P. Coelho

Each of us must go the path that is destined from above for him. The task of the shepherd Santiago is to find treasures. On the journey, unexpected encounters, dangers and discoveries await him. To reach the end of Santiago, you just need to follow the clues that fate itself gives him.

Shogun. D. Clavell

The novel takes place in the first half of the 17th century. During the voyage, the Dutch ship suffered a disaster off the coast of Japan. Everyone who managed to survive is accused of piracy. Among them is John Blackthorn. The man has a strong character, is well acquainted with military affairs, geography and understands mathematics. One of the most powerful people in the country, Prince Toranaga-no Minovara, learns about him, who decides to use Blackthorn’s knowledge to fight for power. Striving to survive, the Englishman agrees to learn the customs and language of this country and becomes a samurai. At the same time, he does not lose hope to return to his native land again.

The Hunger Games. S. Collins

The main characters of the book are familiar from childhood. They could have become a good couple, but instead, fate prepared them a feud. A guy and a girl must participate in the Hunger Games, and according to the rules of the game, the winner can be …

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