The longest TV series in the world: TOP-10 popular long-term TV projects

Surely there is not a single person in the world who has not watched at least one episode of any series. Today there are many people who cannot imagine their life without a long cinematic life. Every time they strive to the screens to see how the life of their favorite movie heroes is developing. And surely many were thinking about which series is the longest. Most of the inhabitants of our country are sure that the longest running series is the famous film “Santa Barbara”, but we want to note that this is far from the case. In world cinema, there are many movie series that exceed the duration of the favorite series. Today we will tell you about the longest TV series in the world.

“Santa Barbara”

This American television series, well-known and beloved by many Russians, occupies the tenth line in our rating. The series “Santa Barbara” started in 1984, and the last episode was released in 1993. During this time, viewers watched 2,137 episodes with a total duration of almost 67 days. The plot of the series revolves around four wealthy families. The film stars famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Sorbo, Bridget Wilson, Tim Robins and others.

“Daring and beautiful”

The series “Daring and Beautiful” is called by many viewers a tele-giant. It started on March 23, 1987. This well-known and successful project plans to delight viewers with new episodes and stories. And today the total duration of the film is just over 120 days. The plot of the TV project unfolds around the wealthy Forrester family from Los Angeles and their famous model house. The television series starred the famous American actor Asher Johnny Weissmuller.


The list of our rating is continued by the well-known and very popular all over the world TV series “Neighbors”. This gigantic television series started back in 1985 and continues to this day with its television epic. It will take you almost 90 days to watch this TV movie right away. The plot of the series is very simple and lives up to its name. Even from the title of the film, it is clear that we are talking about neighbors and their uneasy relationships. This TV movie starred Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue, Rada Mitchell, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Pearce and others.

“On the threshold of night”

The seventh line of the rating of the longest serials is occupied by the series “On the threshold of night”. This series began broadcasting in 1956 on April 2 and ended in 1984. To watch this movie in full, you will need 21 hours and 129 days of personal time. “On the Threshold of Night” is the first detective-story series based on investigations. The film stars such famous actors as Roy Scheider, Scott Glen, Juliana Moore, Martin Sheen, Marcia Kros and others.

“Another world”

The series “Another World” was released in 1964 on May 4 and ended in 1999 on June 25. It is believed that this series is not a very successful television project among television longevity. To watch it in full, you need about 10 thousand hours of continuous stay on TV screens. The series has 8872 episodes. The plot of the TV movie takes place in the fictional city of Bay City and tells about the ordinary life of people. But heroes sometimes find themselves in extraordinary exotic situations, which changes their attitude towards life. Anne Heche, Brad Pitt, Luke Perry, Chris Noth, Eric Roberts and others starred in Another World.

“Young and daring”

The fifth place in the rating is taken by the TV epic “The Young and the Restless”. The world saw the first episode of this series in 1973 on March 26, and the project continues to this day. So far, 9366 episodes have been released and, if you decide to revise them all at once, you will need a little more than 195 days. The plot is based on the description of the life of two families in the city of Genoa. Both families are in the fashion business. Starring Robert Costanzo, Paul Walker, Tom Selleck and others.

“All My Children”

“All My Children” is a series record holder among famous TV epics. This series first appeared on the screen in 1970 on January 5 and continues to this day. It is considered to be the most successful TV series of all time and has already 10,333 episodes. The length of this television movie is 13 hours and 430 days. Although the plot of the series is banal, the beautiful and professional play of the actors makes you watch episode after episode. The series starred Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Holly, Susan Ward, Katie Bates and others.

“One life”

One Life is a giant series in terms of the number of episodes. It was released in 1968 and has 11,096 episodes. The last episode was shown in 2012. To watch the full series, you need 8 hours 30 minutes and 221 days. One Life has received a large number of awards and prizes. It is the world’s first television fiction project to address drug and racism issues. The plot takes place in the fictional city of Lanview. The film featured actors such as Amanda Peet, Tommy Lee Jones, Laurence Fishburne and others.

“How the World Spins”

“How the World Spins” is the second place of honor in our ranking. Although this series is not the longest in the world, a few hours separate it from the record holder. The first episode of the series was released in 1956 on April 2. And it lasted until 2010. During this long time, the series has accumulated 13763 episodes with a total duration of 11 hours and 573 days. But there is a prospect that the series will continue and we will see new episodes. The plot of the television series takes place in the city of Oakdale and tells about the life, problems and dreams of its inhabitants. Cast: Martin Sheen, Courtney, Cox Meg Ryan and others.

“Guiding Light”

Guiding Light is the world’s longest running television series. His filming began in 1937, and the world saw the last episode in 2009. It was…

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