The best TV series of 2019: TOP-10 Russian novelties

Not only women, but also men like to watch Russian serials at their leisure. Because they reveal the most interesting and exciting episodes taken from people’s lives. Thanks to this, each person can analyze their actions and draw certain conclusions. Based on numerous reviews, we have selected for everyone’s attention the best Russian TV series of 2019, which can teach you how to make the right decisions. And most importantly, they give a unique opportunity to relax in front of your TV.

“The sorcerer’s apprentice”: a motion picture in which magic works wonders

Release date: 09/13/2019

Country Russia

Starring: Kai Alex Getz, Anastasia Gorodentseva, Margarita Myshakova, Mikhail Pshenichny, Alexandra Solyankina, Sergei Gubanov, Raisa Ryazanova, Prokhor Dubravin, Mikhail Parygin, Malika Lapshina, Daria Luzina, Yulia Kokryatskaya

Many girls believe in miracles, love. Among these lovely ladies is the young librarian. But unfortunately, her life somehow does not work out. One day she comes across an amazing book with an amazing conspiracy. It says that this potion is able to return time back and a person can correct only one of his lived day. A sweet beauty decides to brew a potion, the recipe of which was worked by a sorcerer back in the Middle Ages. She wants to return to the moment when the man of her dreams gave her a smile that she did not pay attention to. She prepared the potion, but realized that it was better to give it to her friends. After all, they need it more. Will Vera meet her happiness? Will a miracle drink help girlfriends?

“The Snow Queen”: fabulous melodrama

Release date: 05.10.2019

Country Russia

Starring: Kristina Kuzmina, Alexandra Bulycheva, Alexey Shilnikov, Alexandra Vlasova

A young girl named Anna and her lover are artists of the provincial theater. They love each other and are going to get married. But plans collapse after Yegor is invited to take part in the filming of a new film, where he will play the role of the main character. And soon the young guy just disappears. The situation is developing as if according to the scenario of the famous fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, which Anya and Yegor played on the stage of the theater. And as in an old book, Anya sets off in search of her beloved “Kai”.

“Agatha and the Investigation. Queen of Diamonds “: a film in which a swindler works in tandem with a detective

Release date: 09/24/2019

Country Russia

Starring: Boris Khvoshnyansky, Daria Lenda, Alexander Polovtsev, Konstantin Kryukov

A sweet beauty named Agatha is hard to miss. But most importantly, she is able to change her image almost every hour. A young beauty easily turns into a terrible old woman or a teacher. Agatha has many virtues: excellent education, brave character and skills of a rather unusual nature. Thanks to her cute appearance and skill, the girl can easily handle the most complex shenanigans. The main admirer of Agatha is Pushkin. This detective is simply amazed at the swindler’s abilities. Fate is shaping up so that both of these men must investigate a rather convoluted crime.

“Strong weak woman”: a series about a young girl who tries in every possible way to achieve her goal

Release date: 09/23/2019

Country Russia

Starring: Alexander Konstantinov, Sergey Peregudov, Dmitry Vlaskin, Alexandra Vlasova

The main character Nina dreams of marrying a guy named Vadim. A lovely girl in the city of Kazimov takes part in a beauty contest. There she became interested in the entrepreneur. At this time, the mother of young Vadim makes him abandon the idea of ​​connecting his fate with Nina, already pregnant with him. Now our heroine must fight all difficult situations alone. Despite this, Nina goes to college and prepares to conquer the capital. The sweet craftswoman receives constant praise from the same unknown entrepreneur. The difficulties of living in a big city make the girl go to work in the market. But even here she does not miss the opportunity to prove herself. She sews her own models of dresses. Everything was going great, but Nina starts a difficult labor. In difficult times, Nikolai helps her. This is a local policeman who has had love feelings for the heroine for a long time. Will our newly-made mother reciprocate and accept the offer to become the wife of a policeman?

“Forgetting everything”: a series about difficult life situations

Release date: 28.09.2019

Country Russia

Starring: Alexander Makogon, Alexandra Nikiforova, Egor Barinov, Vladimir Steklov

The main character receives a frightening message that threatens her and her husband. Her wife was kidnapped. For the life of a beloved man, they demand a lot of money, which she simply does not have. She decides to take rash steps, reassuring herself that all this she does only for her husband. The girl gives the ransom and is left with nothing. Having plunged into debt, having lost her job and apartment, Lida is simply in complete disappointment. But fate turns so that the girl meets with a man who also completely dropped his hands and does not see his future. The established relationship saves both of them. Lida and Sergey are fighting adversity together. It would seem that some problems, tied to others, can completely destroy faith in life, but not in this case.

Tolya the Robot: dramatic …

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