The 10 best tire brands in 2021

The 10 best tire brands in 2021

What are the best tire brands in the world?

When it comes to choosing tires for your vehicle, it is important for your safety and the safety of others to choose a reputable and reliable brand of tires.

There are a multitude of tire brands on the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. Certain brands have been able to prove themselves over time by distinguishing themselves in particular by their innovations and their performance in terms of durability or handling.

If you are looking for tires for your vehicle, you will find in our ranking the most important tire producers in the world. If you want to buy your tires online, also discover our ranking of the best sites to buy tires.

Discover our Top 10 of the best tire brands in 2021.

Comparison of the best tire brands in 2021

1- Michelin: the best French tire brand

Michelin one of the best tire brands

Michelin is a French company specializing in the manufacture of tires. The company was founded in 1889 by the Michelin brothers. Today, the Michelin brand is one of the best tire brands on the market. The brand sells all types of tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, but also agricultural and aerial vehicles.

Michelin’s outstanding performance in terms of durability and reliability has earned it the place of the best tire brand in the world. In addition, Michelin tires are designed with quality materials ensuring a reduction in fuel consumption.

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2- Pirelli: the best Italian tire brand

Pirelli one of the best tire brands

Pirelli is a tire manufacturing company that was founded in 1872. It is now one of the world’s leading tire brands, just behind the Michelin tire brand. The Pirelli tire range is recognized for its outstanding quality and performance. Pirelli tires are also very popular with drivers of powerful cars.

Indeed, Pirelli is currently positioned as the official tire supplier for F1. However, you can also opt for Pirelli tires to equip a family car. Pirelli offers you tires offering a very good price / quality ratio. The Pirelli company has succeeded in establishing itself in the world market as one of the best tire brands.

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3- Bridgestone: the best Japanese tire brand

Bridgestone one of the best tire brands

Bridgestone was founded in 1931. This Japanese tire manufacturer is one of the world’s largest tire producers. Its tire line encompasses a wide range of products, from high performance racing tires to more economical tires for passenger cars.

The Bridgestone group enjoys a great reputation in the field of motorsport. The Bridgestone brand supplied MotoGP tires for many years before being replaced by Michelin. Bridgestone more than justifies its place in our list of the best tire brands in the world.

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4- Goodyear: the best brand of American tires

Goodyear is one of the most trusted companies in the tire industry. The Goodyear brand has gained international fame in terms of performance and comfort. Goodyear has high quality tires, which stand out for their exceptional handling. Goodyear tires are now one of the best tire brands for professional pilots.

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5- Continental: the best German tire brand

Continental was founded in 1871 in Germany. Today, the Continental group is one of the best tire brands on the market. Over the past decades, the Continental group has earned the trust of its customers by manufacturing quality tires at affordable prices. Continental tires are today renowned for offering excellent value for money. Like its competitors, Continental offers a wide range of tires that are suitable for almost all types of vehicles.

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6- Dunlop – the best brand of tires in Britain

Founded in 1888, the Dunlop brand is a benchmark in the United Kingdom. Dunlop products are divided into two categories: Dunlop Tires and Dunlop Sport. Indeed, some of you probably know Dunlop tennis balls, whose reputation is well established, and which are also used in prestigious tournaments. Dunlop products are also very popular with drivers around the world. Dunlop tires have earned a solid reputation for their longevity. In 2003, the Dunlop Company was purchased by the Goodyear Group.

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7- Yokohama


Yokohama, like the Bridgestone brand, is one of the most prestigious Japanese tire brands. The Yokohama company was founded in 1917 and today supplies tires to many countries with a full range of models. The Yokohama tire brand offers high performance products, which are also frequently used in motor racing. In addition, Yokohama is also renowned for its range of performance rims offering an attractive price / quality ratio.

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8- Hankook: the best South Korean tire brand

The Hankook Group was founded in 1941 in Korea as a tire manufacturer. Thanks to an exceptional reputation for quality, Hankook has been able to expand its business around the world. The company manufactures both racing tires and tires for personal vehicles. The Hankook Company supplies millions of tires around the world every year. In addition, the company is also very active in the manufacture of auto parts such as batteries and brakes.

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9- Maxxis: the best Chinese tire brand


The Chinese tire brand Maxxis has been around since 1967. The company previously specialized exclusively in bicycle tires. Thanks to the notoriety encountered by Maxxis bicycle tires, the group decided to diversify and today offers motorcycle tires very popular with bikers, but also car and truck tires. The Maxxis brand is now present in more than a hundred countries, including France. Its success is such that it is used by millions of people.

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10- Apollo Tires: the best Indian tire brand

Founded in 1972, Apollo Tires is an Indian tire producer. Apollo’s privileged field is the manufacture of tires for trucks. It should be noted in fact that almost half of their sales are tires for heavy vehicles. Nevertheless, in recent years the company has also devoted itself to the production of high performance tires for cars. Apollo tires are among the world’s largest tire manufacturers, equipping millions of vehicles around the world every year.

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Which brand of tires to choose in 2021?

Selecting the correct tires for your car will depend on the type of vehicle and the size of your tires. After determining the correct tire size for your vehicle, you will need to choose from the different types of tires.

There are many tire models available to suit different road conditions, for example, if you drive more in town, or if you travel long distances, or if you drive on off-road roads. You should also choose your tires according to the weather conditions.

The most popular brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear are generally liked by drivers in most situations.

Where is the best place to buy tires?

It is now very easy to buy your tires directly on the internet and have them delivered to your favorite garage to have them fitted. We have established a ranking of the best sites to buy tires which will allow you to see more clearly.

Among the best sites, we can mention in particular 123tire, and Oscaro. These sites are reliable and are in partnership with thousands of garages in France, which allows you to have the tires delivered to you near you.

What is the best brand of motorcycle tires?

To choose the best brand of motorcycle tires, it will depend on your motorcycle model. For road and sports motorcycles, there are two brands that stand out in particular, Bridgestone and Michelin. On the other hand, for off-road motorcycles, the most famous brand is Pirelli.

Where is the best place to buy motorcycle tires?

The vast majority of sites that offer car tires also offer motorcycle tires. However, the site specializes in the sale of tires for two-wheelers. You will find a wide variety of tires for any type of motorcycle, whether it is for an all-terrain or sport motorcycle.

If you liked our Top 10 best tire brands in 2021, also discover our TOP 10 best accessories for your car.

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