The 10 Best Home Restaurant Delivery Apps

The 10 Best Home Restaurant Delivery Apps

More and more people are using home restaurant delivery apps. Most people don’t have time to cook. With these apps, you can make yourself deliver food at all times, anywhere and with ease.

All you need to do is download the best food delivery apps, choose from the restaurants around you and order with your smartphone.

Here is our list of 10 best home restaurant delivery apps :

Ranking the best home restaurant delivery apps

1- Uber Eats

Best Uber Eats Bonus Restaurant Meal Delivery Apps

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Uber Eats Is Among The Best Home Restaurant Delivery Apps, Due To The App’s Phenomenal Success UBER, which allows you to find a driver.
Uber Eats works in partnership with a wide variety of restaurants. Whether international restaurant chains like the MacDonald or some local restaurants, the choice makes it possible to satisfy just about all the desires and tastes of customers.

With UberEat, you can search for restaurants by cuisine around you and order food quickly. We can then follow the progress of the order and the delivery man through the application.
For UberEat users, there are special offers, available only in the app, to benefit from reductions or 2 dishes for the price of one.

2- Deliveroo

best deliveroo restaurant apps

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Deliveroo offers home restaurant delivery in several hundred cities around the world. This application has become theone of the most popular in Europe.

Thanks to this service it is possible to order food in restaurants of all kinds, from fast food at gourmet restaurants. Prompt delivery of meals and Coupons appeal to customers who want the best home meal delivery.

3- Just Eat (Allo Resto)

Allo Resto Just Eat the best online home restaurant delivery apps

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With Just Eat, indulge yourself in the office or at home with your meal delivery. You can order meals in best restaurants near you in just a few minutes.

Just Eat collaborates with several thousand restaurants which offer home meal delivery services in several hundred cities across France. Just Eat offers a wide variety of cuisines such as pizzas, sushi, vegetarian restaurants, organic or Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese and many others.

4- Chic delivery man

Best Restaurant and Meal Home Delivery Apps Chic Delivery Man

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Chic delivery man offers a quality restaurant delivery service. He prefers to focus on quality partners instead of focusing on quantity. You thus benefit from a home delivery of meals with fresh products. Delivery Chic offers a selection of restaurants that can vary from a simple breakfast to more refined dishes.

Its aim is to provide a list of good addresses and good meals at home. Meal delivery is done all day depending on restaurant service hours and the preparation and delivery time can range from 30 minutes to an hour. For the moment, Delivery Chic is not only available in the Nice region.

5- Frichti

Fritchi one of the best restaurant delivery apps on Paris Appli App

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Frichti is an online ordering service well known for the home meal delivery, but also for its online supermarket for fresh and seasonal products available. The company works in partnership with restaurants and artisans in the Paris region.

This home delivery app is highly rated because of its originality and the fact that it allows the delivery of meals and fresh products and even an aperitif with beer and wine made by local artisans. For the moment, Frichti is not available only in Paris.

6- FoodChéri

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With FoodChéri, you can have your lunch delivered in a few clicks, whether at home or at the office. Their cook prepares for you tasty, balanced and refined dishes.

All products are prepared in Foodchéri kitchens, with some fresh and seasonal products. FoodChéri is available in Paris, Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux.

7- Glovo

Glovo best online restaurant delivery apps app app

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Glovo is a home delivery service allowing you to purchase any item that is near you, such as food from restaurants in your town.

You can also shop in stores and supermarkets and have your order delivered to your home by Glovo couriers. The Glovo group is currently located in around 20 countries and around 100 cities, including Paris.

8- Chronoresto

best delivery restaurant apps chronoresto app

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Chronoresto is another of the best home restaurant delivery apps. There is a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines. Users can choose a restaurant and where to have their meals delivered, such as at work or at home.

It may take 30 to 45 minutes for your order to be delivered to your home. It is also possible to take it away in 15 minutes. You have the choice. Chronoresto is in collaboration with more than 1000 restaurants, and is now part of Yellow Pages.

9- Resto-in

Resto-in home catering mobile app

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Resto-in is among the best home restaurant delivery apps. In 2006, he was among the industry leaders. Resto-in offers you excellent meals delivered to your home or office.

You can have a delivery to restaurants located around your home, or even the most famous fast food outlets in about 30 minutes. Resto-in is present at Paris, but also in smaller towns, such as Caen, Nancy, Dijon or Metz.

10- Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go unsold Mobile application App App

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The concept of Too Good To Go is really innovative. Their application is to find around your home the unsold by traders. Unsold products are quite simply fresh products that retailers can no longer sell the next day, such as pastries, ready-made meals, fruits and vegetables, etc. surprise baskets composed of unsold products of the day, at very attractive prices.

What is the best home restaurant delivery app?

Every application has its advantages and deciding which application is the best is not easy. However, we can say that Uber Eats and Deliveroo are the most comprehensive. Available almost anywhere and offering a wide variety of choices, these are the 2 best home restaurant delivery apps. But depending on your desires and tastes, other choices may be more appropriate.

What are the payment methods on home restaurant delivery apps?

The vast majority of these apps accept credit card payments. On some, it is also possible to pay via PayPal or with restaurant tickets. Cash payment may also be accepted upon delivery on some of these applications.

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