The 10 best Formula 1 drivers in history

The 10 best Formula 1 drivers in history

Who are the best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity?

Formula 1 has a really abundant history given that its starts in the 1940s. The best drivers from throughout the globe complete annually to win the title of Formula 1 globe champ.

It ought to be kept in mind that the variety of races per period having actually raised significantly for many years, the variety of triumphes and also races is extremely vital amongst drivers of current generations.

From Juan Manuel Fangio to Lewis Hamilton, while going by Schumacher and even Prost, uncover our Top 10 best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity

Top 10 best Formula 1 drivers in history

10 Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda one of the best Formula 1 drivers in history

World titles: 3
Races won: 25
Podiums: 54

Niki Lauda is definitely among the best Formula 1 drivers of the 70s and also 80s. Despite a really significant mishap at the German Grand Prix in 1976, where Lauda was seriously scorched in the face and also intoxicated, he took the wheel once more for 6 weeks later on versus all assumptions. He ended up runner-up that exact same year and also won the title the list below year, when several assumed he was deteriorated by the mishap.

During his profession, Niki Lauda has actually won 25 triumphes and also was crowned globe champ 3 times. However, under much better problems and also without this terrible mishap, his document can have been far more prominent. It is particularly his psychological stamina after such a dramatization that makes him among the best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity.

9. Sebastian Vettel

World titles: 4
Races won: 53
Podiums: 121

Sebastian Vettel is among the best Formula 1 drivers of current years. He is among minority, together with Fangio and also Schumacher, to have actually won the F1 globe champion 4 times in a row, in between 2010 and also 2013. He initially relocated to BWM Sauber and also Toro Rosso, however it was with Red Bull that he will certainly win his 4 titles.

Then relocated to Ferrarri, he will certainly still be vice-champion two times in 2017 and also 2018. In complete in his profession, Vettel has actually taken part in 233 Grand Prix, consisting of 52 triumphes and also 117 platforms. The German chauffeur additionally holds the document for triumphes in one period (13 ), linked with Schumacher.

8. Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss

World titles: 0
Races won: 16
Podiums: 24

Sir Stirling Moss is the only F1 chauffeur in our position that has actually never ever been a globe champ. There is an excellent factor for that, he has actually constantly been in the darkness of the renownedJuan Manuel Fangio This is what has actually gained him the label“Champion without a crown” Despite a vacant prize closet, he is still among the best Formula 1 drivers in history.

Stirling Moss has actually contended in 66 F1 Grand Prix in his profession, and also won 16. This is one of the most triumphes for a chauffeur that has actually never ever won a globe title. Moss will certainly be vice-champion 4 years in a row, in between 1955 and also 1958, consisting of 3 times behind Fangio.

7. Jim Clark

Jim Clark F1

World titles: 2
Races won: 25
Podiums: 32

Jim Clark is definitely among the best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity. His performance history, which he developed in simply a couple of years, is extremely outstanding. He won 25 of the 73 races he went into, and also needed to retire 28 times. Clark won the title of globe champ two times in 1963 and also 1965.

Unfortunately, Clark was the sufferer of a significant mishap throughout a Formula 2 race in 1968 and also was eliminated. It will certainly be completion of a short, however great profession of among the best pilots of the 20th century.

6. Jackie Stewart

World titles: 3
Races won: 27
Podiums: 43

Jackie Stewart is a Scottish chauffeur that ruled the F1 globe in the late 1960s and also very early 1970s. Only a year after Jim Clark’s terrible fatality in 1968, Jackie Stewart came to be the brand-new celebrity of motorsport Brittany by winning his very first Formula 1 globe champ title.

In 99 races, Stewart has actually gotten on the platform 43 times. Above all, he won 27 triumphes, a document that was not damaged up until 1987 by a specificAlain Prost In simply 9 F1 periods, he came to be 3 times globe champ and also ended up second on 2 events. Voted athlete of the year in 1973, Jackie Stewart is definitely among the best Formula 1 drivers in history.

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5. Alain Prost

World titles: 4
Races won: 51
Podiums: 106

Alain Prost is fairly merely the best French chauffeur in the history of F1. His data go over, with 106 platforms and also 51 success in 199 races. The just French Formula 1 globe champ, he won the title 4 times in between 1985 and also 1993. Because of his extremely thoughtful and also intellectual strategy to auto racing, Prost is nicknamed “the teacher”. He additionally shows fantastic ability in preparing his auto for various race problems.

The competition that existed in between Alain Prost and also Ayrton Senna is among the best minutes in F1history It was when he won the title of champ in 1993 that he verified to every person that he was amongst the best. Then 38 years of ages, he won his fourth crowning by defeating his long-lasting competitor, Senna.

4.Lewis Hamilton

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World titles: 7
Races won: 95
Podiums: 165

Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula 1 chauffeur of current years. With 7 globe champion titles, he matched Michael Schumacher’s document. And he gets on track to win an 8th in the following couple of years. Hamilton holds the document for the variety of lead (98 ), the document for platforms (165) and also the document for triumphes with 95 races won.

After a very first title in 2008 with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton won 6 brand-new Formula 1 globe champions with Mercedes in between 2014 and also 2020. Only the title in 2016 leaves him by 5 factors, in support of his colleagueNico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton is currently among thebest Formula 1 drivers in history His profession is not over, nevertheless, he can still climb up right into this Top 10.

3. Michael Schumacher

Schumi F1 best Formula 1 drivers in history

World titles: 7
Races won: 91
Podiums: 155

Michael Schumacher is a tale of Formula 1 and also motorsport in basic. With a total amount of 7 titles, he is the chauffeur that won one of the most Formula 1 World Championships, currently equated to byHamilton “Schumi” won a total amount of 91 out of 307 races, making him the second chauffeur with one of the most races won, behind Lewis Hamilton.

Schumacher got his very first 2 globe titles with Benetton in 1994 and also 1995, prior to signing up withFerrari With the Italian group, he will certainly initially experience a couple of years of adjustment prior to preponderating over the globe of Formula 1 for 5 lengthy years. It can be stated readily that Michael Schumacher is among the best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity.

2. Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna, one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time F1

World titles: 3
Races won: 41
Podiums: 80

Ayrton Senna, additionally called “Magic Senna”, is among the best Formula 1 drivers of perpetuity. Between 1984 and also 1994, he participated in 161 races, won 41 and also climbed up 80 times on the platform. In enhancement, he holds the lead document (65) from 1989 to 2006, prior to being surpassed bySchumacher His famous battles with Alain Prost will certainly continue to be etched in the memories of all F1 followers.

After 3 titles in between 1988 and also 1991 with McLaren, Senna seasoned 2 harder years where he put fourth and also second in the 1992 and also 1993 periods. The list below year, he determined to sign up with Williams to win a fourth title. But in the 4th race of the period, Senna experienced a casualty on the Imola circuit. A heartbreaking fatality for among the best F1 drivers in history.

1 Juan Manuel Fangio

Best Formula 1 Drivers in History Juan Manuel Fangio F1

World titles: 5
Races won: 24
Podiums: 35

Juan Manuel Fangio is an Argentinian chauffeur that controlled the Formula 1 globe throughout the 1950s. Fangio was globe champ 5 times, consisting of 4 in a row in between 1954 and also 1957. He is additionally the only chauffeur to have actually won the globe title with 4 various groups. After a very first title in 1951 with Alpha-Romeo, Fangio won 2 on Mercedes in 1954 and also 1955. The list below year he won his fourth title with Ferrari, after that to show his success, he won a last title with Maserati at the age of 47.

Fangio’s data are absolutely nothing except outstanding. He has 24 success in 51 races, which is nearly 50% of races won. The just 2 years when Fangio did not complete champ, he was 2nd, which shows his uniformity at the highest degree. Juan Manuel Fangio is as a result in 1st location in our Top 10 of the best Formula 1 drivers in history.

Honorable points out

Mika Häkkinen: World champ in 1998 and also 1999 with McLaren-Mercedes, Häkkinen is an F1 chauffeur nicknamed the“Flying Finn” With 20 races won and also 51 platforms, he is among the best Formula 1 drivers in history.

Fernando Alonso: First Spanish globe champ, Alonso won the title two times in 2005 and also 2006 at the wheel of aRenault During his Formula 1 profession he won 32 races and also was 91 times on the platform.

Nelson Piquet: Triple globe champ, Nelson Piquet has actually obtained his titles versus champs such as Lauda,Senna orProst The Brazilian has 23 won races and also 60 platforms in 207 involvements.

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And that do you assume is the best Formula 1 chauffeur of perpetuity?

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