Sports betting: the 10 best tips

Sports betting: the 10 best tips

What are the best tips for sports betting?

To put the odds in your favor, there are a few rules that might help you make better decisions. For example, the fact of betting in a calm environment and not betting under the influence of emotion.

There are also a few tips that will give you access to free bets, boosted odds or other promotions, in order to get the most out of each bookmaker’s benefits. For more details on each bookmaker, discover our comparison of the best sports betting sites in 2021.

In order to guide beginner bettors, as well as help more experienced bettors, we’ve put together a list of the best tips and rules for sports betting.

List of the best tips for sports betting

1. Take advantage of the different registration bonuses of sports betting sites

One of the best tips in sports betting is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses at different bookmakers. On each sports betting site, you will find a Bonus upon registration which allows you to be reimbursed on your first bet if it loses. Depending on the sports betting site, the bonus may vary. For example Winamax and Unibet offer bonuses of up to € 100, but this can reach up to € 300 with Feelingbet.

These bonuses will allow you to make your first bet more serenely, since you will either be reimbursed directly or reimbursed in free bets. Thanks to this trick, it is possible to accumulate up to € 1,800 in welcome bonuses by using all ARJEL approved sports betting sites in France.

However, it is not necessary to register on all sites at the same time. It’s even better to take your time as bonuses are generally available all year round for new players. You can bookmark this page and come back to view the various bonuses and bookmakers at any time.

Winamax Bonus € 100 free bets welcome offer sports bets 100 euros

Bonus: € 100

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Bwin € 120 Free bet bonus bets refunded 107 euros

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Unibet Logo sports betting bonus € 100

Bonus: € 100

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Betclic logo sports betting

Bonus: 110 €

Take advantage of the bonus

Bonus Pokerstars sport sports betting 100 €

Bonus: € 100

Take advantage of the bonus

netbet sports betting

Bonus: 150 €

Take advantage of the bonus

Bonus: € 100

Take advantage of the bonus

Zebet Sports Betting Top 10 Best Sites Bonus € 100 Free Bets Registration

Bonus: 150 €

Take advantage of the bonus

france-bet logo

Bonus: 250 €

Take advantage of the bonus

vbet best sports betting sites in France

Bonus: 150 €

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Genybet Sports Betting Turf

Bonus: 50 €

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FeelingBet Sports betting Bonus site 300 €

Bonus: 300 €

Take advantage of the bonus

2. Analyze the form of players, teams and the calendar of past and future events

Favorites don’t always win! Check the current form of the teams or players you want to bet on, see if any players are injured. Some teams or athletes also have pet peeves, so it is important to analyze previous matches. The odds do not always reflect the true balance of power that there can be between two opponents.

Also analyze the team’s calendar to see if more important games are coming up or have been played. Some incumbents could be put to rest. At the end of the season, motivation can also vary greatly depending on the ranking of a club. The teams in the soft underbelly of the standings will not have the same motivation as a team still playing for the title, a European place or relegation.

3. Avoid betting on your favorite team or athlete

We always tend to want to bet on our favorite team and see them win or create a feat. But it is a dangerous game, our emotions taking precedence over reason and objectivity. However, if you can stay objective and keep your emotions out of the way, knowing the team or athlete in question can prove to be beneficial. It is therefore better to focus on the teams and athletes that you know, but that you do not support.

4. Compare odds between different sports betting sites

The odds tend to vary between different sports betting sites. So see where the odds are most advantageous for the bet you want to make. This will allow you to maximize your earnings if successful. Some sites will have better odds on specific sports, so it’s important to compare different bookies.

To get a better idea, discover our comparison of the best sports betting sites in 2021.

5. Combined bets

Combination bets allow the odds of different bets to be combined with each other. You can then generate bigger winnings by betting for example on several small odds of which you are almost certain of the result. Some sites also offer boosted odds from a certain number of combined bets.

It is possible to combine different types of bets and different sports in the same combined bet, for example a mixture of Football, Tennis and Basketball. However, it is better to bet on sports disciplines that you are familiar with. In a combination bet, if only one bet loses, your entire combination bet will be lost. Be careful not to be too greedy, combining too many bets greatly reduces your chances of success.

6. Avoid betting everything on a single bet

Betting everything on a single match or a single bet is very risky. This is the best way to lose all your capital. It is therefore preferable to bet little by little and try to increase your capital gradually. It also allows you to learn from your mistakes and improve your betting style. No matter how confident you are, no bet is foolproof, which brings us to our next point.

7. Beware of infallible techniques and prognosticators

You will find a large number of people on the internet or on social networks who promise you techniques to win all the time or even winning predictions.
No one has a miracle recipe so beware of people who promise to win you for sure. It is better to learn more and try to improve the way you bet, rather than blindly following tipsters on the internet.

8. Bet only on the sports that you follow

If you’ve never followed ice hockey in your life, you’d better not bet on it. If you want to bet on a sports competition, it is preferable to know and follow more or less the teams which evolve there. It can be a good idea to focus on the areas that you are most proficient in. If this is the case for a sport that is not widely known to the general public, it may even be an advantage, which brings us to our next tip.

9. Follow lesser-known sports

If you followed sports that are less well known to the general public, you might benefit from it. Sports betting sites offer an increasingly diverse choice of sports, which involves less popular sports, such as Volleyball, Snookers or Rally. However, many people bet on these sports without knowing much about them, and this allows connoisseurs to benefit from them.

It can also be interesting to bet on lesser known championships in popular sports. For example, Ligue 1 football in France is much more followed than Ligue 2, just as the English league is much more followed than the Swedish league. If you are therefore an expert in a minor championship, you can take advantage of it when placing your bets.

10. Take advantage of promotions and freebets on different sports betting sites

Each week, many promotions are available on the various sports betting sites. Whether for new players or for players already registered, these promotions are available to everyone. The promotions and offers can be quite varied, such as Freebets, boosted odds or even jackpots to share.

Some sites may have promotions on specific competitions or events. It may therefore be useful to check the promotions on the various sites before placing your bet. Indeed, it is possible that the match or event on which you would like to bet has a promotion on one of the sports betting sites.

For an overview of the promotions available, find the Promotions section of our ranking of the best sports betting sites in 2021.

If you liked our list of the best tips for sports betting, also discover our Top 10 best sites for investing in the stock market.

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