Short Curly Haircut

pixie cut with the back of the neck

Short Curly Haircut – Care Tips and 38 Photos of the Best Haircuts

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bet on short curly hair it guarantees a versatile, fresh and very practical look to finish off your daily routine. Whether you’re going through the hair transition or looking for ideas to transform your look, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because we have prepared a complete guide with more than 30 photos of cuts to inspire you. You will also find suggestions for finishing the curls, as well as care tips to keep your hair always healthy. Keep reading!

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What is the best cut for short curly hair?

Did you know that opting for a P-size cut has many advantages? If you bet on a short style, you will notice that the threads will dry much faster. This way, you will spend less time drying and finishing the strands after each wash.

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Your hair will also gain volume, as the longer the strands, the more they weigh you down. So, there’s no shortage of reasons to renew your look! Check out 10 types of cuts for short curly hair in order to inspire your next trip to the salon!

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  1. Pixie

Also known by the names “joãozinho” or “mariazinha”, the pixie cut leaves any woman with a more daring and modern look.

pixie cut with the back of the neckPhotos: Instagram

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two women with haircut joãozinhoPhotos: Instagram

  1. heart shaped

The heart-shaped cut is made with the back of the neck beaten, the top rounded and the sides in layers. Great for those who want to enhance the volume of their locks!

two women with short curly hair in the shape of a heart.Photos: Instagram

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cut heart shaped curly hairPhotos: Instagram

  1. Tapered hair for short curly hair

A darling of frizzy strands, this style has shorter sides, while the top of the hair is more voluminous.

two ideas of short cut on the sides and bulky on topPhotos: Instagramwoman with tapered hair cutPhotos: Instagram

  1. bob cut

Chanel is the other name given to this cut that gained popularity in the 1920s. Now, a century later, it is one of the most desired looks by those who choose to have one. short curly hair. In order to copy, the professional must shorten the strands at the height of the chin, with the nape shorter and the front more elongated.

two women with bob cutPhotos: Instagram

  1. long bob

If you happen to have long locks and want to shorten them little by little, this bob cut to shoulder length is a great place to start.

three long bob haircut anglesPhotos: Instagram

  1. Pageboy

A shorter version of the classic chanel, this retro style is cut straight, roughly at ear height. Eventually, it can be accompanied by a straight or slightly frayed fringe.

two women with short curly hair in a pageboy cutPhotos: Instagram

  1. Short Straight Curly Hair

Anyone looking to enhance the natural volume of the strands can bet on a well-aligned cut. In these examples, the strands all follow the same guide strand and thus the top strands are slightly shorter.

two women with straight haircutPhotos: Instagram

  1. In layers

This is the ideal style for anyone who wants the springs to harmoniously frame their face.

two women with layered cutPhotos: Instagram

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  1. Asymmetrical short curly hair

Looking for a unique look full of personality? Then asymmetric is made for you! Here, for example, the cut was even combined with a mix of red and pink colorations.

three angles of an asymmetrical haircutPhotos: Instagram

  1. undercut and sidecut

Perfect for innovative and daring women, these looks are shaved with the machine or on just one side, on both sides or on the sides and back.

two women with sidecut and undercutPhotos: Instagram

What is the ideal cut for hair in transition?

The straightening dictatorship is at an all-time low, while taking on your natural strands is in fashion. According to a survey carried out by Google BrandLab, in recent years, interest in subjects related to frizzy hair surpassed the number of searches for topics on straight hair.

In addition, Brazil is the country of curly hair, with 51.4% of women claiming to have locks with curls. And the trend is that they increasingly bet on the hair transition, that is, they abandon chemical treatments that change the texture of the frizzy strands.

To carry out this process, it is common to perform the big chop, that is, to eliminate the part of the wires that have chemistry and adopt a cut of short curly hair. This way, you can avoid that mixed texture phase, where the root starts to grow naturally, but the hair length is still straight.

If you’re not sure for such a drastic change, you can bet on a bob or a peaked chanel, with the front of the hair longer and the nape well beaten, giving the feeling that the strands are longer.

Other options are either the tapered hair – with shorter sides and volume at the top – or the traditional layered cut – which ensure more movement to the springs. Bet!

woman with bob cut and woman with tapered hairPhotos: Instagram

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How to combine short curly hair and bangs?

You’ve probably heard that trimming fringe into curls is not a good idea. However, with some care, it is possible to adopt this style to complement your look:

  • Cut with dry hair, in order to measure the length of the fringe more accurately;
  • Combine shredded cuts with a straight fringe and vice versa. As a result, you’ll have a more contrasty look;
  • Moisturize the locks frequently, but without using products that make the hair heavy;
  • Bet on anti-frizz products. So you get a short curly hair with controlled volume;
  • Maintain the cut with a professional, in the salon, so that your bangs stay up to date.

two women with short curly hair and bangsPhotos: Instagram

What to do with short curly hair?

It’s always good to have some simple and stylish hairstyle ideas handy. This way, you are prepared for both special occasions and bad hair days, when the hair may need to be tied back. Then see some inspirations!


O short curly hair can be tied in a low ponytail, on top of the head or even pigtails. Bet!

three updo hairstyles with short curly hairPhotos: Instagram

Short curly hair with root braid

You can make a braided tiara, braid just one side of the hair, or even complement the look with shiny barrettes.

three hairstyles with short curly hair braidPhotos: Instagram


The accessory is a great asset for anyone who has short curly hair and it can be tied in a number of ways.

three women with short curly hair wearing scarfPhotos: Instagram

How to take care of curls?

In order to enhance the short cut, the ideal is to bet on products and processes that define the curls. Therefore, there are some special cares that need to be taken when washing, drying, finishing and moisturizing short curly hair:

  • Use shampoos and conditioners without sulfates, petrolatum and silicones in the composition, as these ingredients remove the hair’s natural oiliness;
  • With damp hair, separate strands and make the tape, applying a light texture styling cream;
  • Bet on mousse and gel for an even more modeled look;
  • Remove excess moisture from the strands with a microfiber towel to prevent frizz;
  • Dry with a diffuser at low or medium speed;
  • Finish with capillary oil at the ends so that the strands are shiny, soft and hydrated.

women with short curly hairPhotos: Instagramtwo tapered hair cutting anglesPhotos: Instagram

Now that you know everything about short curly hair, how about reading more about wire care? Check out the Best shampoo for oily hair, see everything about the capillary Botox, a technique that rejuvenates your tresses, or even discover the main trends in mid-2020 haircut.

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