Curly haircuts: 10 different types for short, medium and long strands

Curly haircuts: 10 different types for short, medium and long strands

Short curly haircut: pixie, ‘tapered hair’ and rounded

Perfect for those who decided to go through the hair transition and bet, right away, on the big chop, short cuts can be feminine and different! In addition to being stylish, they require less work at the time of submission.

Pixie: the famous cut “joãozinho” is much more modern and feminine! The darling of those who made the big chop, the pixie makes the look more practical and easier to care for in everyday life. In curly hair, it can leave the curls defined or even shaved.

“Tapered hair cut”: A success among curly gringas, the “tapered hair cut” has the strands of the nape and sides well beaten in contrast to the voluminous top. Short, but not too short, is it? The look draws attention for imitating the effect of a mohawk, and to make the cut more feminine, it’s worth betting on a modern fringe.

Rounded: on short hair, the cut with the rounded base guarantees that powerful black effect, you know? The look helps to enhance the natural volume of frizzy hair and can be very voluminous with a fork comb.

Medium curly haircut: ‘heart shaped’, layered, with bangs

Anyone with frizzy strands at the chin or shoulders can take advantage of options such as the heart-shaped cut, which is one of the gringa’s darlings, and layered and fringed looks, which are super high among the curls!

‘Heart shaped’: the heart-shaped cut is modern and different! For “the heart” to draw attention to the look, the roots should appear fuller due to the fringe, well-rounded top and the sides in layers. The long ends should gain less volume to create a contrast with the top.

Layered with straight base and fringe: the cut with the base straight can be made in the frizzy hairs that are at the height of the chin. He is more classic and appears with the strands frayed to avoid the pyramid effect. And to give it a modern touch, the tip is to make a fringe, also straight, to enhance the shape of the face.

Pygmalion: the pygmaleon cut is layered, well frayed along its entire length and with a fringe to enhance volume. Ideal for curly hair with shoulder length hair.

Rounded: those with frizzy hair at shoulder height can also bet on the rounded cut, just like short hair! The difference is that the “black” will get bigger and much more voluminous. Ideal for those who want to enhance the volume of frizzy strands.

Long curly haircuts: layered, banged and frayed at the ends

When the curly hair exceeds the height of the shoulders, the question remains: which cut to bet to give movement and still enhance the volume of the strands? Check out the options:

In layers: the layered cut in curly hair is the best known – and no wonder! In addition to valuing the length for giving a more voluminous touch in the right measure, the layers made along the entire length, forming a lateral fringe, help to form the type 4 curls more easily.

Layered with straight bangs: Do you want to give a modern touch to the layered cut? Bet on the fringe! Yes, type 4 curls can also have bangs and they provide more movement and create a frame for the face. The straight style, with all the stylized hairs in front of the face, are the most seen on Instagram.

Layered at the ends: Do you want to discreetly balance the volume of long curly hair? So, layer only the ends! The detail gives movement to the curls and is ideal for those who don’t like fringe, because the front of the hair can be kept straight.

Article published on March 29, 2021, by Webedia.

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