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Photo Caption – Tumblr, Alone, Music, Smiling and More!

If you are a social media user, read yourself, addicted, you know that having creative captions for your photos is a differential that makes all the difference in your profile that has a super important weight in your popularity on the network.

If you agree that investing in an original description and showing your good references, you know that this makes your likes increase significantly, and your number of followers also grows, as a result. It is recommended that you continue reading this article to see some cool examples and discover the photo caption ideal for every occasion.

GUIDE to beautiful phrases – See the collection HERE!


If you’re not a Tumblr social network user, you still know the typical photos that are posted there. The personal images that usually make up the media of the Tumblr tends to feature a low-key background, usually blurry with a focus on people in front.

Generally speaking, these photos are in black and white to always convey a sense of mystery and obscurity. That said, the ideal photo caption for this medium should contain a hint of insatiability, and this constant feeling you’ll find in very famous authors.

By herself

Posting photos alone on your social networks is one of the greatest proofs of self-esteem and that you don’t need anyone to be happy. It’s your moment, the one you put in to record everything you really like, how you express yourself and how you want to show yourself to the world.

Nothing better than beautiful sentences to be able to raise your personality even more, demonstrate to others what you want to make clear with this selfie or other type of photography. Below are some of the best phrases that exist:

Song lyrics

Now you have many good photo caption references., so it’s time to take a cool photo, give it that professional treatment with your favorite filter and choose the ideal phrase to put in your description.

After some time investing in original subtitles and with powerful phrases, you will notice how your profile will pump up followers with this upgrade of good references that you will give.


Now if you are the happiest type and love taking pictures smiling the ideal for people like you is to put strong letters in your photos. You can find several that are happy and that send a positive message in both Portuguese and English, you just need to get straight to the point, that is, in the right band.

Here are some nice examples of captions to put on your social networks, those that are full of meaning and that can mean a lot to those who will be hit by your light or heavy indirection. Follow it below.

With boyfriend

Want to take beautiful pictures with your boyfriend but aren’t sure which caption to put and which one suits best? With that in mind, we’ve made your life easier and we’ve separated some of the best phrases to put in that beautiful photo of yours, full of filters, with decorated borders and much more.

You just take the phrase and put it on your image, on the photo you want to put or just take the image we made and use it in whatever way you like. That way, it’s much easier to get everything just the way you want it.

With friend

Is there that friend you never let go of? This is something that commonly happens on a daily basis, however, when it’s that friendship that you take for a lifetime, it’s rare, after all, what lasts nowadays, in a world of ephemeralities and with several options available?

Here are some sentences to use with your friend in your Instagram or Facebook photo, this way, it’s much easier to define the feeling you have for that person, detecting exactly what you like so much about each other.

On the beach

Who doesn’t like to post photos on the beach? This is one of the best moments, when you can relax, feel good and have very few thoughts, focusing only on being there enjoying the sand, sea water and the entire landscape that encompasses everything you are experiencing.

Here are some of the best messages to put in your photos on the beach, the ones that best fit the landscape and the existing environment.


Here are the best phrases to post on your Facebook, those that can serve as a real glove for your photo in particular, either to show that you’ve overcome that ex who is very bad for you, or to show that you have evolved with life or that you are happy with everything that is happening.

We’ve separated the best sentences to represent that moment you want to pass a message to people, whether to be happier, simpler or any other sensation.

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