The 70 best sentences for male Instagram bio

Best biography phrases for male Instagram

The 70 best sentences for male Instagram bio

Best biography phrases for male Instagram

Your Instagram bio is the first impression a person will have of your profile, whether they are a follower or not, even if your Insta is private, as the bio always appears, even if the person doesn’t follow you. There are 150 characters that define what you want from your followers: who you are, what your profile is about, what you are promoting and so on. If you want to leave your Instagram TOP bio, but don’t know where to start, umCOMO has put together the best biography phrases for male Instagram and tips for editing a creative and original bio yourself. See our ideas and get inspired now!

How to edit biography for Instagram

To change the Instagram bio you just need to go to your profile and click on edit profile and soon you will see the field indicating the completion of the biography. In addition to sentences of up to 150 characters, you can also use emojis and there are some basic tricks to make your bio more organized and different:

1. Centralize Instagram Bio

As Insta does not read spaces, there are tricks for those who like to leave the bio of Insta centralized. It basically consists of copying the spaces below and pasting before and after the text to leave the Instagram bio in the middle.

Space to copy and centralize the Instagram bio:

β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €

2. How to leave Instagram bio in threads

Also because the Instagram editor doesn’t perform line breaks, the simplest way to do this is to write it in your phone’s notepad, copy it and then paste it into the Instagram bio. Visually, the impression is that by doing this you increase the Instagram bio or you can talk about different topics in each line, such as who you are in one line, what you work with or what you study in another and in the third a sentence that you like for people to know you.

3. Link in bio

The link that looks like it’s aggregated in the Insta bio actually has a specific field for that. When you click on edit profile, you just need to fill the ‘Site’ field with the link you want. It will always appear below the bio text. In this space you can put something you are promoting, or if you talked about something in your feed or stories that day and wanted to highlight, for example, a newspaper story for people to read, you can add it to your bio temporarily using that space on the site.

4. How to change font in Instagram bio

Anyone who likes to change the font can use some sites that allow you to write the text and then copy it into your biography with the chosen font. Some site options for change insta bio font they are:


5. Mark other accounts in the bio and put hashtags

Another option is to mark another Insta account in yours. For that, you just need to do as you normally would in Insta: mark the ‘@’ and then the account that should accompany it. The same goes for #hashtags, they also appear if you put them in the biography description. In other words, if you are on your personal needs, but have, for example, a professional account, you can add it to yours. Instagram bio putting the @ in front and marking the account.

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Biography for male Instagram

Now that you know how to edit and some tricks like centralizing the Instagram bio and leaving it in threads, for example, it’s time to have some ideas for a biography for male Instagram creative.

The bio, along with your profile picture, is the first impression anyone viewing your Instagram account, even if your account is private, will have of you. So it’s worth thinking hard about how you’re going to take advantage of the 150 characters that are made available there.

If you do not know what to write on instagram profile, one suggestion is to answer some of these questions, so you will have an original bio:

  • What makes you special?
  • What topic do you like to post on Instagram about?
  • 3 adjectives that define you;
  • 3 emojis that represent you;
  • Your age, city, profession and hobbie;
  • A phrase that is part of your favorite song, book or movie.

But if you’re missing an extra touch of inspiration in 150 characters, down here you can check out Instagram-ready bios to copy or use as an idea.

30 sentences for male Instagram biography

As we’ve already commented, the biography for male Instagram it needs to be short and impactful. Sometimes a simple word or emoji is enough for a creative biography for tumblr-style Instagram. Check below phrases for instagram bio:

  1. Live.
  2. I decided to live and not please.
  3. Life is made up of moments. Live them one by one.
  4. That everything flows and nothing influences.
  5. Running is for the weak.
  6. Absent for romance. My vibe is now a throw.
  7. Apprentice of much, teacher of nothing.
  8. We live or please.
  9. You attract what you convey.
  10. Grow, evolve and keep the foundations strong.
  11. For good understanding…
  12. Without sacrifice there is no victory.
  13. Smile, I am king.
  14. Wait for the sun to come.
  15. I laugh in the face of the problem.
  16. Less appearance. More essence.
  17. Face or face.
  18. Be the voice and not the echo.
  19. 8 or 80. You can take it or you don’t try.
  20. Why shut me up if I was born screaming?
  21. Without madness there is no happiness.
  22. Living is drawing without rubber.
  23. Dream, live and thank every day.
  24. Lower the head. Only if it’s to pray.
  25. When you don’t expect anything, everything arrives.
  26. One eye open and the other dreaming.
  27. Err. Overcome. Learn. Restart.
  28. You cannot shine without darkness.
  29. Shining in life, smiling without reason.
  30. Two feet and a ball, the rest is imagination.
  31. I am the palm tree that bends, but withstands the hurricane.
  32. Your adventurous companion.
  33. I tag people in Instagram sweepstakes.
  34. Create a path, not an excuse.
  35. +55 xx (replace xx with the area code of the city you live in).
  36. Buy your ticket and start the journey.
  37. Live intensely with your head on straight.
  38. Without a sense of urgency, a desire loses its value.
  39. For pure fun.
  40. Adrenaline junkie.
  41. Crazy but true.
  42. The world is full of good fights, what is lacking is good love.
  43. Living here like it’s my last adventure.
  44. In life, I’m a black belt.
  45. The world is my home.
  46. Go hungry for your goals.
  47. Pray and work.
  48. CEO of my own life.
  49. If it’s not too much to ask, then not too little.
  50. Dare to be who you are.
  51. Is it photo or video?
  52. When light touches the soul, what do the eyes feel?
  53. Life never ends, it always expands.
  54. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
  55. Live the life you dreamed of, not the life you dreamed of.

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Best biography phrases for male Instagram - 30 phrases for male Instagram biography

Biography for male Instagram in English (with translation)

If you like to write in English, there are bios in English that are ideal for your Instagram:

  1. #YOLO, you only live once = You Only Live Once;
  2. The best of me is yet to come = the best of me is yet to come;
  3. Live your dreams = live your dreams;
  4. I didn’t change. I just woke up = I did not change. I just woke up.
  5. Take me to neverland = take me to never-never land;
  6. making history = making history
  7. Work hard. dream big = Work hard. Dream big.
  8. Live, love and laugh= Live, love and laugh;
  9. WiFi, food, my bed = perfection = WiFi, food and my bed = perfection;
  10. I’m not special. I’m just limited edition = I’m not special. I’m only limited edition
  11. Time is precious, waste it wisely= Time is precious. waste it wisely.
  12. Life is tough darling, but so am I = Life is tough, honey. But so am I.
  13. Be happy. Be bright. Be you = Be happy. Be brilliant. Be you.
  14. We’re just molecules = We are just molecules
  15. We are born to be real. Not perfect. = We were born to be real, not perfect.

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Tips for creating biography for male Instagram

In this article we have given you several options for biography for male Instagram ready. But, if you want to be 100% original we can leave you some tips for creating your Instagram biography from scratch.

What is Instagram bio?

THE Instagram bio or Instagram biography it is the space you have allotted to make a brief summary about yourself. describe yourself it can be very difficult, so it’s always a good idea to use the ready-made sentence feature that reflects who you are. But, there are those who prefer to do this task alone. If this is your case, don’t hesitate to follow some tips to create your bio.

Biography for original male Instagram

What are the things that define you? What part of you would you like people to know or what part of you would you like to highlight? It’s very difficult to answer these questions in 150 characters, but it’s not impossible. See the tips below for creating a Instagram bio that has to do with you:

  • Traveled: Are you a world traveler or do you speak many languages? Place the flag emojis of the countries you’ve already visited.
  • Team of the heart: Are you an enthusiast of a football team or any other sport? Let your followers know this through your Instagram bio.
  • Man in love: a heart emoji with your love’s name on the side, why not?
  • Pet lover: talk about your best friend from the animal world in your bio.
  • Work lover: Instagram’s bio can be a great place to promote your work, especially if you also have a business profile that you also want to share.
  • Free time vibes: are you the hobbies guy? Let your followers know what you like through your bio.
  • Nomadic: do you live in a different place from where you were born or have you moved a lot? Tell everyone where you live and where you went and in the absence of creativity to complete, lyrics: my life is walking through this country, to see if one day I can rest happily.

These are just a few examples of tips on how they can help you create a male Instagram biography, but think about what inspires you the most and following this line create your totally original bio.

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