Aquarians love the arts! Take your partner to concerts and to the movies! Related WikiHows. More references. About this wikiHow guide. Written With:. Categories: Relationship. In other languages ​​English: Date an Aquarius. Español: go out with a persona acuariana.

Italian: Frequente un Aquario. Cookies make wikiHow better. Didi, I loved you. Relaxed, fun. We are demanding! I am dating a Scorpio. Tai liked it! I like confident people!

I laughed so much at the time kkkk but it was like that. I’m a bull, I met a boy not long ago, he’s a fisherman, and he’s really into me, like real official…. Taurine, control your nerves, stop being bossy, possessive and rude, rather rude at times. If you can control it. Here’s the tip. Sensational post. Very assertive and convincing in strategies.

I do everything for him, and I am rarely recognized. I wanted him to see me as the woman in his life hahaha. What am I doing wrong for God’s sake? Things changed after we started talking about college work, he suddenly said that he was very interested in me and that every time he saw me he kept thinking about me. I was afraid to meet him and then we stayed until I got involved.

I pretend I haven’t seen it and I’ll always pay with the same coin, if you treat me coldly, you’ll be treated like that. I think there’s more to him than a friendship, even if it’s colorful.


What do you think? I’m willing to forget about everything and get back together but with everything different, I want him to show more, do more wherever, please me more and want me more. I hope we stay together. I even got this on Valentine’s Day. I want to date to get married lol. Help me! Scorpios are not lacking in my map…lol.. I’m in a hurry hahaha. To help you.

Find out what your ideal dating sign is (and what you should stay far away from)

I am fish and my boyfriend is Aquarius. I see many unusual points with his personality. But the Aquarius, contrary to what they say, at least mine, is jealous, insecure, affectionate when he wants to. When he’s upset, he doesn’t like to talk about it, he doesn’t talk about it and be out of his mind.

We fight sometimes because I’m more sensitive than normal but we hardly get into a fight. I also like freedom and trapped my space, I think that’s why it flows very well. For those who want to conquer this sign, patience is the word. Good luck to you. It’s been about 5 months that I have a virtual relationship with an Aquarius, we only go out twice, but I think he’s too slow.

Because I say I want to see him he says he wants to see me too, but that’s all. Finally, we met two weeks ago! In the beginning, he was attentive, and he always tries to start a conversation! I’m from Capricorn and I’m talking to an Aquarius guy. He is very nice, we like similar things and such. It’s funny that he stays on my feet hahahaha… I’ll risk it! I’m Aquarian and I’ve been talking to an Aquarian gringo, on the Internet. Is there anything that is a sign even though you are far away and have never seen us in person?

We used to take the subway together and there was always the subject of relationships and work. Then I came back from vacation when it was his. I spent another month without him even sending me a hello. Meo, whore dude sucker!

I should be the first to know about this story because we were friends before everything happened. My grade is 0 for Aquarians. Note: I’m Taurus. There’s a boy who passes in front of my service…

Astral Combination of Aquarius

It would be better if you didn’t know each other, as the need for Aquarius is the most contemporary sign of the zodiac and this will leave Gemini every time. Fire sign people (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) can fall in love Ideal dating is with: Aquarius, who manages differences well, No one better to pull you out of the fantasy world when you are.

God if repentance killed, I would be dead and buried. In short girls: steps they like. I’m meeting an Aquarius and what really bothers me is his negative energy, but he also awakens a great protective instinct in me. Self-assured and elegant women attract mt them. I met an Aquarius in high school, at first I thought he was boring, dull and very arrogant. The next year I started to be more friends with him, everyone in the room said that we would make a very beautiful couple. And this year I kept seeing him as a friend because I liked someone else. I changed schools, and went back to the school he attended.

When I came back, he was treating me colder, I dried up whatever I said, he came with a kick, and that affected me. But after a while, he changed with me, and I started to see him in a different way, I always expected a message from him, I sent a message. I even changed my way a little, to see if he notices. I give him freedom to do whatever he wants, but I’m dying of jealousy when I see that he’s gone out with someone, as we don’t have a relationship, we just stay, I don’t charge anything nor show my jealousy, but he’s my enchanted prince and I wanted him to by my side or at least taking over our daughter.

I have lived in Aquarius for 2 years. And mine is mine is mine …he hates that phrase hahahahah…. I’m liking an Aquarius and he came out of a 4 year relationship and he’s very nice, but I don’t know how to win him, like, for dating. I’m Capricorn. Help me mmmm please.

Smart, direct, beautiful, focused and sure what he wants from the future. Ah, he has a girlfriend. I’m a pound!!! What to do??? We are still getting to know. I have the idea of ​​sending a message via messenger to say. It’s just that he once waved. How should I do it?

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  5. Highlighted?
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And their parents are just looking at me! I am scared!! Well guys, this is Tamires of the Capricorn sign and continues my story with the Aquarius. We said goodbye to his friend and we left and arriving at his house he called me in I refused and said I had to go take a shower and change clothes he replied that I could take a shower there and then he would bring me to change clothes but I continued to refuse I said bye we kissed and left.

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