Men’s Short Haircuts: See Trends for 2021

liam hemsworth with smooth cut fade

Men’s Short Haircuts: See Trends for 2021

Many men end up always investing in the same look because they find it a challenge to vary in style with their short strands. But for those who aren’t afraid of scissors (or the machine!), there’s a good range of men’s short haircuts to bet on. Want to see it?

We have prepared a special selection with 14 different options for men’s short haircuts, which suit different types of hair. Just choose the one that best suits your personality and style. Come on!

1. Gradient or fade

Lately, the gradient cut, which is also known as fade, has gained the attention of men looking for a modern look. To get this men’s short hairstyle, the sides must be shaved or lower than the top of the head, forming precisely the gradient effect.

liam hemsworth with smooth cut fadePhotograph; Masatoshi Okauchi/Shutterstocksoccer player cristiano ronaldo with fade cutPhoto: Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/Shutterstockwill smith with glasses and smiling with faded haircutPhoto: MediaPunch/ShutterstockFade cut male short hairPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @ javi_thebarber_

2. Peaked

For those who want to keep the strands short, but not too short, we suggest that you make one of the men’s short haircuts with scissors. This will help make them look light and moving.

harry styles singer with chopped short cutHarry Styles | Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP/Shutterstock

If you want even more voluminous strands, use a little mousse to thicken your hair. Or, use a texturizing spray that helps with the volume and texture of the hair.

Shawn Mendes singer with a short peaked cutShawn Mendes | Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstockman with short hairYou can have short wires, but with some volume!

Man with short male haircut with volume

3. military court

Also known as ‘crew cut’, the military cut is another option for men’s short haircuts that are accurate for those looking for practicality in everyday life. The style gets its name because it was popularized by American soldiers in the 1930s. There’s no denying that it’s a charm!

Low male cut: military cutPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @joaovictormaiaa

4. Undercut

The undercut is that cut with volume at the top of the head and completely shaved at the back of the neck and sides.

singer zayn malik with undercut cutZayn Malik | Photo: Shutterstock

It’s perfect for anyone looking to stay in fashion, but with a simple cut. To keep the style always up to date, the ideal is to do maintenance every 10 days, to leave the underside well shaved.

zac efron with platinum hair and undercut men's cutZac Efron | Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock

5. Cut with risk

Another modern and even fun option. The streak or stripe cut is created with a blade to look sharp and straight. And it’s worth doing it in different ways, such as a single straight line, just in the middle of the head, or even several parallel lines. You can let the creativity flow!

bad bunny singer with hair scratchesBad Bunny | Photo: Matt Baron/ShutterstockCut with stripesPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @ggsoaressStraight male hair with ruffled topPhoto:

6. Social court

This men’s short hair is the traditional and classic cut that many men love. The biggest advantage is the convenience when taking care of the hair, but you will need to go to the barbershop more often to do the maintenance.

Singer Drake with short hair, one of the most famous types of male haircutsPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @champagnepapimodel wearing one of the men's short hairs for summerPhoto:

7. Cut with bangs

Want to have bangs even in the heat of summer? So bet on the short version, stripped look that has conquered many men.

timotheé chalamet actor with short cut with bangsTimothée Chalamet | Photo: Anthony Harvey/ShutterstockShort, curly and fringe male hairPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @bramvalbrachtmodel wearing one of the men's short hairs for summerPhoto:

8. Mohawk

This is the famous fake mohawk! To achieve the look, cut the lower sides or leave them shaved and keep the top raised. For this, it is essential to invest in a good finisher.

Short male hair with faux hawkPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @mikey_teeze

9. Shaved or buzzcut hair

For those looking for everyday practicality and don’t have the patience to devote time to styling the strands, the buzz cut – or shaved cut – is a great option for men’s short haircuts! Just don’t forget to use sunscreen to avoid damage to the scalp that is exposed, huh?

Maluma singer with buzz cut hair and beardPhoto: Matt Baron/ShutterstockMan with short, shaved blond male hair.Photo: Reproduction | Instagram @boahrobinshort male straight hair The buzz cut is when you run the machine and only a little hair is left.

10. Nudred
Although it’s a texturing, this hairstyle can be perfect for those with short frizzy or afro strands. You will need a specific sponge with holes to create the “false dreads”.

Men's short haircut with nudredPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @nudred_brmodel wearing one of the men's short hairs for summerPhoto:

11. Large on top and short on sides

Among the types of short men’s haircuts, one that doesn’t go out of style is the basic one, big on top and short on the sides. In it, the sides are lower, usually cut by machine, and the largest volume is on top of the head.

bradley cooper actor with smooth male cutPhoto: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

This style is very versatile and in addition to being easy to care for, it also looks good on men with different types of faces, as it is very basic hair, while still being elegant. If you want, bet on a tuft to vary the look.

David Beckham with short male hair with shaved sides and light volume on topPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @davidbeckhamMan with short gray hair with topknotA stylish cut that’s easy to model.

12. Caesar cut

The Caesar cut is perfect for anyone who wants to start to disguise the signs of baldness. It is marked by a geometric side and a straight, short fringe.

Man with low haircut: caesar cutPhoto: Reproduction | Instagram @charissekenionCaesar cut modelPhoto: Reproduction/Instagram @tonsor_elite

13. Black Power

The shorter black power is great for men with frizzy, curly hair who are looking for a different style and still keep their strands with one of the short cuts that don’t go out of style.

For this, invest in a rounded cut, which will give shape to the style, one of the symbols of black culture. If you want the strands well hydrated, use a leave-in on the locks and dry with the help of a diffuser.

Short male hair with black power

Man with short black power cutStylish and full of volume!

14. Square

Finally, this cut that mimics the shape of a square. It is an option full of attitude especially for men with short hair curly. You can combine the geometric top with the sides and nape of the neck completely shaved, as in the undercut style, or leave them in a gradient.

man with square male short hairPhoto: iStockMale curly hair with shaved sides and high topPhoto:

Learn more about men’s short haircut

Still wondering how to choose the ideal men’s short cut? Know this and other information.

How to choose the ideal men’s short cut?

To choose the ideal men’s short cut, take into account, above all, your personal taste. If you’re really in doubt, a tip is to make this choice based on the best styles for your face type.

What are the male cut trends for 2021?

The male cut trends for 2021 are the gradient cut, buzz cut, military cut and undercut.

How to style men’s short hair?

Styling men’s short hair will depend on the cut you choose, your hair type and the effect you want. Here in this article, we talk about types of finishers and what their effect is.

Product suggestion

For daily care with the threads when washing, our tip is to use the Clear Men Daily Cleansing Shampoo 2 in 1, which provides cleansing and care for a healthy scalp and soft hair. Formulated with Bio Nutrium 10, it helps activate the scalp’s natural protective layer, leaving you dandruff-free.

Clear Men Daily Cleansing Shampoo 2 in 1

Another suggestion is the Clear Antibac Shampoo, which has anti-dandruff and antibacterial effects while deeply cleaning the strands and scalp.

clear antibac antidandruff shampoo

To finish your strands, try the Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Modeling Wax, which has a matte effect and provides a matte finish. The hair becomes malleable, which gives great flexibility for the style.


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